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Bali in March (2)

2018-04-02 22:24:24

In Bali on March 11 at 8 am to have breakfast, the restaurant is self-service, next to a swimming pool, during the day to see the pool water is very clear blue. I looked around and couldn't find any food that could attract my appetite. Except for watermelon, other fruits didn't have any sweetness. I ate a few slices of toast to satisfy my hunger. After breakfast at around 8:45, we exchanged US dollars with the tour guide for some Indonesian rupiah 1:8,900, and then took the bus to our first stop - Nanwan, which is said to be the most famous water sports area in Bali. Water activities on the beach are all optional: diving USD75, flying fish USD35, snorkeling and jet skiing are all USD25, parachutes and banana boats are all USD20. That morning, our team spent USD1325. Bali in March because it is in the rainy season, the temperature of those days has been maintained between 25-30 degrees, the air is relatively humid, after changing the summer clothes, most of the time in the sea, so it does not feel particularly hot, but the morning just out of the room occasionally feel a little stuffy. Looking at the vast sea in the heart feel extra empty, there is a feeling of wanting to flutter and fly. The sky is filled with parachutes, jet skis, flying fish, speedboats, and crowds of people with an exotic summer atmosphere. And the first day out, I actually forgot to bring a swimsuit, can not swim and dare not go diving, want to play parachute, they said it is not fun to fly fish. I asked the boss, does flying fish wet your clothes? He said it was fine, so Bali first when so confused on the ground. The flying fish boat was full of water and people had to lie on it, but there was no choice. It's so fast when you're lying flat on your back on the water, you can't keep your eyes open without getting the water in. When the fish boat flew oblique in the air that moment, feeling really cool ah, looking at everything on the sea, feel like a swordfish sprinting on the sea... After two back and forth, ask the coach can also come again? He smiled and shook his head. The feeling of going back is not so good, I lie on the edge of the fish boat, sliding too fast and I am not long enough, several turns feel that they are going to fall into the sea, can not help but keep screaming. When I got out of the boat, I was shaking and soaked from head to toe as if I had been pulled out of the water. My companions on the shore looked at me and laughed. Helpless to follow the guide to the entrance to buy clothes, at the beginning is not used to the bargain, 100,000 dong bought a blue slip dress, the color is OK, the owner's mother said to me "Beautly"," Beautly". After that, we took two boats to the Turtle Island, where the baby turtles looked as cute as toys for more than two months, and the largest turtle was said to be 70 years old. We have to hold the turtle to take photos, the several turtles to toss non-stop saliva feel are about to die, is really guilty! In addition to turtles on the island, there are pythons, lizards, eagles... you can take photos, it's fun. In the afternoon, just before dusk, we went to Uluwatu Cliff, also known as Lover's Cliff, located in the southernmost part of Bali. Legend has it that there are young men and women who fall in love with the portal improperly, the woman's father is the village chief, so the love of the two people can not get any blessing, and they both threw themselves into the sea to die in despair. The backstory is beautiful, and the scenery is really beautiful. The large green grass makes people's vision suddenly become relaxed, and the air seems to be filled with a kind of airflow. The beach in the sunset is endless, the sea is calm with waves, and the heart is happy. A group of monkeys keep a safe distance from humans, and from time to time provoke humans, adding endless fun to visitors. In the evening, we had a barbecue at Jimbaran Beach. The sea was so beautiful that we sat around a long table enjoying the sea view and enjoying the food. There were candlelight dinners, folk performances, and singers singing the ballads of various countries. A colleague proposed to his female companion in the beauty ballad, which was lively and romantic. For them, the beautiful Bali is a love trip in life, which is not enviable. This day was the most memorable of all the trips, everything was beautiful like a dream