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Bamboo Dendrobium planting method

2018-04-23 14:24:28

Bamboo Dendrobium how to plant it? The following Xiaobian to tell you.


First of all, when we are planting bamboo Dendrobium, it is possible to choose potted plants, it should be noted that the basin is best to choose a better basin of air permeability, generally choose a larger one, because the roots of bamboo Dendrobium will be more, and will grow larger.


Secondly, when planting, we need to ensure that the moisture is in place in the early stage, generally we need to ensure that the soil is wet in the previous week, generally watering once a day is OK, do not let the water too much, after that, we can water once 2-3 days.


Then, when we plant bamboo dendrobium, it is necessary to fertilize, for bamboo Dendrobium, we need to apply urea such fertilizer, easy to let bamboo Dendrobium grow faster, the roots will be more, this we need to pay attention to, when fertilize do not fertilize too much, and do not directly sprinkle in the root, to sprinkle around.


After that, when we plant bamboo dendrobium, we also need to control the temperature, the general bamboo Dendrobium is more suitable for growth at 20-30 degrees, so we use a pot to plant, we need to move the bamboo Dendrobium indoors when the temperature is too high or too low, so as to control the temperature.


This article is based on experience


Finally, when we plant the bamboo dendrobium, we also need to have enough patience to maintain, do not plant down, not much to ask, generally we also need to see if there are pests, if there are pests, need to be treated in time to avoid the leaves of the bamboo Dendrobium eaten by insects.