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Basic Chinese classical dance ground training, come and see

2018-03-28 22:24:54

Chinese classical dance has beautiful posture and soft and strong body, which also requires a lot of effort. The following Xiaobian will introduce the ground training of basic skills of Chinese classical dance.


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The first choice is to prepare for work, sit on the floor with your legs together and straight, your back is perpendicular to the ground, adjust your breathing, press down hard on your feet, and use all the force on your feet, with your hands at your sides.


Classical dance is mainly the activity of the feet, the most important is the hook foot and stretching foot, hook foot and stretching foot force and then the toe and foot joint, hook foot will bend the toe upward, the leg muscles should be relaxed, the force should be applied to the foot.


Then it is to press the front leg, straighten the legs together, adjust the breathing, press the body all over the legs, the feet are still stretched or hooked, push the hands straight and flat, and let the head as close to the legs as possible.


The side leg press is also the ground training of the basic skills of classical dance. One side of the leg is straight, the foot is twisted or stretched, the foot of the other leg is pulled back against the extended leg, and then the body is pressed sideways on the extended leg, and the shoulder is close to the extended leg.


After the leg press is also a relatively basic ground training, mainly at the beginning of the slow, so that the body bones slowly soft, this action is to lower one leg like straightened behind the tight, the instep is next to the ground, the other leg like a disc sitting state, the calf parallel to the body, the hands naturally open, the upper body began to press backwards and below.


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Finally, it is the action of sucking the leg, taking the joint part as the sucking force, first doing vertical, straightening the legs, and then slowly lifting one leg, pressing down the tip of the foot, like being sucked up.


Stand upright, one foot on the ground, the other leg straight up, perpendicular to the ground, hands around the extended leg, again on the tip of the foot.

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