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Bathroom decoration common sense basin purchase skills

2018-04-20 08:00:11

Every office worker knows that when they get home after a busy day, in order to get rid of fatigue as soon as possible, some friends will rush to the bathroom to fill the basin with water, plunge into the basin, and then take a deep breath, eyes clear, and give themselves a smile in the mirror. Yeah, that's how most people deal with stress. And for successful people, pay more, more need to relieve the body and mind, so in the design of the bathroom should pay more attention to its functionality, especially to the bathroom basin purchase should be treated carefully. So how do you choose a basin that suits you? Here, the building customer network for you to explain the basin purchase skills.


Basin purchase guide 1: The type of ceramic washbasin used in the bathroom is mainly divided into table basin and column basin. Select the table basin or column basin reference for the width and length of the installation position, in general, as long as the table width is greater than 52 cm, length is greater than 70 cm, the choice of table basin room is very large, if the table length is less than 70 cm is not recommended to choose the table basin and choose the column basin. Generally speaking, most of the design of the column basin is very simple, because the drainage component can be hidden in the column of the column basin, so it gives a clean and tidy appearance. The basin is more suitable for installation in the relatively large area of the bathroom, can be made of natural stone or artificial stone countertops with it, you can also customize the bathroom cabinet under the countertop, full of bathroom supplies, beautiful and practical.


Basin purchase guide 2: Material At present, the material of the basin on the market has become rich and colorful with people's personalized requirements, but ceramic products are still the main and first choice. Therefore, for this type of wash basin, ceramic glaze is very important. Glaze will be directly related to product quality, smooth glaze is not only strong stain resistance, more conducive to cleaning, and antibacterial performance is also stronger. When selecting, you can carefully look at the surface of the product under strong light, with no trachoma, pitting, smooth, delicate and smooth glaze. In addition, the water absorption rate is also an important basis for the quality of ceramic wash basin, the lower the water absorption rate of the product the better the quality, the better the glaze glaze, the lower the water absorption rate.


First of all, the purchase of the basin body should be based on the actual situation of their own bathroom area to choose the size and style of the basin, if the area is small, generally should choose the column basin, because the use of the column basin in the small area of the bathroom can enhance the sense of ventilation of the bathroom; If the area is large, you should choose each type of basin, because the basin can enhance the grade sense of customer consumption.


Basin purchase guide 4: Faucet purchase is followed by the purchase of faucet, faucet is the highlight of the basin series consumption, and brings the most direct feeling to consumers in the entire process of use. The purchase of the leading should generally be based on the customer's personal preferences, consumption power, cost requirements and other factors, but in principle it should be coordinated with the selected basin in the matching, style and grade, so as to reflect a harmonious beauty and taste of consumption level. In addition, when choosing the faucet, do not forget the requirements for the faucet spool, which is the key part of the faucet. Some faucets have the phenomenon of dripping water soon after installation and use, because the spool is not qualified.


Basin purchase guide 5: The purchase of related parts basin water return bend: The basin water return bend is a device used to treat basin water and isolate odors. When purchasing this product, we must pay attention to distinguish whether the water return bend is into the ground (S bend) or into the wall (P bend); Basin faucet water and Angle valve: its role and meaning are the same as the role and meaning of the water tank and Angle valve.