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Battle Spirit Monkey stick tie a bit

2018-05-04 08:00:14

1, stick monkey brush map point and method 2, stick monkey PK method and point


One computer with Internet connection


Monkey brush and add


Follow the diagram


The following is the output method


Full bean set 2 Talisman Walk 7- Stick 10- Giant Ape Break 5- Stealth tendon break 7- Break sky break sky break sky 1- Stick 4- Break sky break sky 0- Run Thunder 2- Break sky 0(full BUFF five break sky - set 4 seven break sky) Then the above combo this time set 4 there is a second run thunder can give 2 combo points: Ben Ray 2(Set 1)- Rod 5(set 2)- Rod 8- Ben Ray 10- Gigantopus 10(Someone asked you how did Gigantopus CD so fast because I ordered to prepare 29.3 CD to finish the above set of outbreak This CD just) Break 5- Stick 8- Break 3(Set 4)- Break 1- Stick 4- Break 2- Stick 5- Break 1(Set 4 just ended) Outbreak: Set 2 Full Bean: Talisman - God Action - Giant Ape - Break - Stealth - Break *4- Stick - Break *2- Run Thunder - Break Small Outbreak: Ben Thunder - Stick - Stick - Stick - Giant Ape - Crack - Stick - Crack *2- Stick - Crack - Bang Thunder - crack (can follow the above burst)


Stick monkey PK maneuver and point


A very useful technique in the Bukydojo. In the face up state, using the first change of the stick power and space, heavy stick - space - heavy stick - space - infinite loop whatever dragon goddess will chase. I use it all the time. Some people will say that the stick will take a long time to change, and the use of space is not very long. It is definitely not slower than the crazy press space and saves energy than the crazy press space. For PK skills, the opponent hit hard and forced him to use the body, at this time you have more than 4 beans, immediately stealth breaking the sky is vertigo for 4 seconds. The big picture has been decided. It's also useful when you're in 1vN.

Matters needing attention

Monkey PVP is still very strong, reasonable PK points and techniques are the key!