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Bedroom design and decoration guide

2018-03-17 12:48:19

Bedroom design and decoration guide


The master bedroom. The main week should be warm, and the floor should be wooden floor. Do not rule out in the case of both husband and wife aesthetic abundance to adopt a specific style of color.


The second bedroom. The same should be based on warmth, the second bedroom is generally inhabited by the elderly, and the elderly's convenience and preferences should be considered when decorating.


The children's room. Use some livelier colors. More commonly used color schemes are blues for boys' rooms and pink or yellow for girls' rooms. You can also use some wallpaper with cartoon animals or flowers and plants. Children's rooms can also have more toy shelves. Children's rooms can use wooden floors, which is conducive to children to climb without getting cold. If there is no condition to set the wood floor, you can also use children's rubber pads, most of these rubber pads are colorful, and there are some puzzle patterns or letters.