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Before, after, and during the personal photo shoot

2018-02-17 03:12:00

Taking photos may seem simple, but usually there are some details that need attention


Before taking photos, we must find and determine the choice of photography or studio, whether shooting location or indoor, it is usually best to go home in person to see, not only to discuss and determine the shooting time and other matters, but also may involve the service in the shooting process, so we must also carefully view, communicate and choose;


The day before the shooting, a family member may call and tell you something to pay attention to or prepare for, wash your hair or take a bath, don't use hair conditioner, rest early, don't drink too much water before going to bed at night, go without makeup the next day, don't make up yourself, etc.


On the day of the photo shoot, whether it is on location or indoors, you will go home first, there will be a makeup artist to make up for you, but also let you change your clothes, and then there will be a photographer for you to shoot, as relaxed as possible, the photographer will always guide, prompt you, which Angle and so on, of course, before communicating with them about the style you want to shoot;


As for the specific photo, makeup artists, photographers, they will try to help you or prompt you, don't worry so much; As relaxed and natural as you usually are, there is no need to deliberately express yourself, so that the photo is more real;


Have plenty of patience while taking photos; Usually after the shooting, you can go back, from the day of the shooting, usually after a week or so, you can go home to select photos, select photos mainly look at how the expression can be, and after the selection, the home staff will be the situation or needs to process the photos;


After a period of time (also from the day of the shooting, generally about a month), it is estimated that you can get the photos, and whether it is the selection of photos, or after the photos, of course, there are usually staff will give you a reminder, any problems can also be timely contact and communication with your choice.

Matters needing attention