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Believe in yourself, but not just yourself!

2018-05-03 19:12:34

Believe in yourself, but not just yourself. Everyone to foothold in the society, to fight in The Times, must be confident, but confidence is not conceit, especially more and more teams need us to cooperate sincerely, on the one hand, you must believe in yourself, on the other hand, you can not only believe in yourself. Because their ability is very limited, a lot of things only rely on their own, often can not meet the needs. "Three stooges catch up with a Zhuge Liang", in life and work, listen to the advice of others, learn more about the experience of others, to enrich their best. After all, a person's wisdom and power are limited, and sometimes a word from others will remind you to save yourself.


Believe in yourself, conquer yourself, surpass yourself


Open mind, love solidarity, self-improvement


As long as you have self-confidence, as long as you think of self-confidence when you are not satisfied, self-confidence is an immediate effect medicine, will cure the pain of the heart. Whether you are in front of a path covered with flowers or a valley covered with thorns, you should carry on with confidence and courage. Let go of fame and fortune, let go of fighting, let go of prejudice, let go of everything, and devote effective time to the climb you are moving forward.


There is no absolute smooth sailing and perfection in life, the taste of life inevitably has twists and turns and bitterness, do not take the twists and turns as a burden, go over is easy, the past no matter how bitter, do not too render, forget forget, put, forget, not negative, is courage; Let go, not stop, is for better progress. How to bend, how to bow, not how to live, can cope with is the best policy, can open is joy. Believe that you can succeed, and get off your high horse and work with a team.


Familiar with the road, we often only look at the road ahead, staring at the target, thus ignoring the scenery along the way; Strange road, but we will be infatuated with the scenery on the way, and delay the trip. Life is like a road, the people around us are silently paying for themselves every day, we often turn a blind eye, in fact, every day is the best day of the year, a today is better than two tomorrows; There are no desperate situations, only desperate people. See yourself, believe in yourself, but can not fully believe in yourself, is the best attitude to walk the road of life.

Matters needing attention

Don't be arrogant, only look up to yourself and look down on others.


Believe in yourself is not wrong, but don't believe in others, don't forget: three people together must have my teacher.


Exclude themselves only believe in their own one-sided opinionation, good at integrating into the big family of society.