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Best Shopping tips for Europe Travel

2018-01-02 06:24:00
Shopping in Europe, non-EU tourists shopping in the same day, the same store, if the purchased goods are not used locally, and within 3 months to take out of the country, as long as the arrival of a certain amount (the situation is slightly different in each country and each city shop, you can directly ask the shop clerk) can apply for VAT paid at the time of shopping. The value tax rebate is generally 15% to 16% of the price of the goods, and some discounted goods will even be lower. The month of Christmas and New Year is the peak discount season in Europe and the United States. In the streets of Paris, the design feasts in the small facade of London, the medieval castles of Germany, or the fire corner of New York, we are looking for a unique language of our own. Minority is a way of life, you don't need anyone to understand, as long as you want to.
Shopping steps

Smart shopping first find out whether the tourist city has relevant services for foreign consumers tax refund. Look for businesses labeled "TaxRefund," "TaxFree," or "EuroFreeTax." In general, even if the country has a tax refund service, but not all merchants comply with this regulation, the size of the store and the type of goods will affect whether the tax refund service is provided and the percentage of the refund amount. Ask the store for the percentage of the tax refund when shopping.


Apply for a tax refund Be sure to request your tax refund check from these Canadian Union stores after your purchase. Filling out the appropriate forms correctly will ensure that you get your tax refund in a timely manner. The salesman will write down the details of each item purchased on the free check or invoice. If it is written on the invoice, the salesperson must tape the invoice to the attached slip under the check (the invoice is not allowed to separate from the attached slip), and the salesperson will also write the amount of money you can get back on the free check.


Do not use items purchased for tax refund until the refund is processed. If you have been travelling in an EU country, you must apply for a tax refund in the last country of departure. If it is not an EU country, it will be processed at the time of departure from the country's customs. You can choose to return the money in cash, check, or credit card to the designated account. But some companies' tax refund checks limit how they can be refunded. For example, if the first link of the store's Global tax refund check is blue, you can refund the tax in cash; If it is green, it can only be refunded in the form of a mailed bank check or credit card charge. In contrast, returning money to a credit card account is recognized by many people as the most convenient and hassle-free choice. Returning a cheque is relatively complicated. After the consumer has filled in the documents and returned them to the relevant location, the customs officer will mail the cheque to the address left by the consumer. In addition to the time consuming method of mailing, it also costs more postage to send the check. If the original tax is not high, coupled with a variety of postage, handling fees down, I am afraid that the real amount of money left. When you arrive at the last stop of your journey within the EU and are about to leave the EU by plane, please complete the formalities at the customs in the baggage claim area. Ask the Customs to stamp the refund check after presenting the items purchased to the customs. You can then put your purchases in your baggage and check them in. In the case of departing from Frankfurt Airport in Germany, if you plan to use your refundable items as checked baggage, you should first check in at the airline counter and get your boarding pass. At this time do not purchase the tax refund items checked! Then go to the customs at the departure hall, show the refundable items purchased to the customs officer, and ask the customs to stamp the refund check, and then deliver the items to the baggage check. If the value of the purchased item is higher, it is intended that the purchased item can be refunded as hand luggage. The purchase of refundable items must be presented to the relevant customs officer at Passkontrolle (Customs control) at Frankfurt Airport and a customs stamp is requested. Collect tax refund after customs clearance. If you need to transfer in another country in the EU and forget to stamp the customs stamp at the departure airport, you can get the stamp at the other halfway station in the European Community, but note that your items cannot be put in the box, because you will not get the customs stamp if you do not show the items! If you continue to travel within the EU, you will need to get an "export Certificate stamp" at the last airport you leave the EU.


Tips: ● You must take your purchases out of the EU within 3 months, and you can't enjoy tax rebates if you miss the deadline. ● The following items are not covered by the tax refund: beer, spirits and tobacco products, items consumed before leaving the country, items purchased in duty-free shops, items not carried on, etc. ● If you forget to apply for tax refund at the European airport, you can also complete the tax refund when you return home. It should be noted that not all tax refund companies in the world currently have tax refund points in China. For example, ICBC cooperates with GlobalRefund (GlobalRefund Corporation) to only provide GlobalRefund with check refund services. And only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have set up points.

Choice of location

Germany in the medieval castle encounter 40% discount high-end brand lying quietly on the Danube River in Ingolstadt (Ingolstadt), and Munich is only 1 hour's drive away, Emma every self-service tour of Germany must go to the place, work, Emma in the German company is very familiar with Germany. Walk through the medieval city, surrounded by Gothic churches and the smell of the Danube, all for shopping. In the residence of the former Duke of Bavaria, Ingolstadt Outlet Shopping Village, one of the nine largest direct selling centers in Europe, is revered by countless followers of high-end brands. "Ingolstadt is my Mecca, full of fancy and expensive famous brands selling at a discount." 'Emma exclaimed. In this shopping village, there are more than 185 international brand stores, including famous European and American fashion, leather shoes, hand accessories, watches, sporting goods and even household goods, will be sold at discounts of up to 40% of the last season's style. Leaving the medieval castle and surrounded by vineyards, Metzingen is often Emma's next stop for German shopping. This small town in the Nakh Valley is less than half an hour's drive from Stuttgart, where the aroma of grapes on the slopes of Stuttgart spreads all the way to Metzinger, which is Germany's most famous brand factory direct sales center, with a number of international brands such as HUGO BOSS. "Brand discounts of up to 40 percent, coupled with shopping tax rebates, are basically equivalent to the domestic standard of 20 percent, and many low-key and high-quality high-end brands can not be found in the country." 'said Emma. In Germany, the price already includes a 19% sales tax on goods. Visitors from non-EU countries who buy goods that are not used locally and take them out of the country within three months are entitled to duty-free benefits. If you spend more than the minimum amount (around €25, which varies from store to store) in a European duty-free shop, you will get a "purchase tax refund cheque", which will be issued by the clerk in the customer's name on his passport.


Paris professional buyers help you buy clothes Fashion is a woman's language. Since the 17th century, Paris has built up a reputation for fashion production. This flamboyant city never fails the rich women of the world. Putting aside Lafayette's common route of traveling and spending money, what we need is the most unique fashion language that belongs to "me". Through the Rue Faub-Saint-Honore and Rue Montaigne, private shopping can also be professionally tailored. These Parisian fashion buyers are all local fashion designers or fashion consultants, who have a fairly accurate grasp of the latest trends and guests' tastes, provide guests with corresponding fashion suggestions based on understanding guests' preferences and needs, and take you to the most accurate and matching stores, according to your requirements and plans to find the imaginary clothes. Buyers usually don't have to pay a commission, they get a discount on your purchase.


Serena could be wearing a sequin jacket or she could be carrying Rebecca Minkoff's riveted bag. Blair has given up the headband designed by Philip Lim, but still loves Flake's stockings. We all love Fifth Avenue, we love Madison, we love that flagship store after flagship store, filling the gap of desire with luxury material. In New York, what you need is a little bit of something different, to make your rebellion elegant, elegant and queenly. The concept of IT gril is in the bone. Then don't let Channel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo assimilate your taste, downtown (downtown) the new force of design may be more eye-catching. Since the 1990s, fashion designers have followed the footsteps of galleries in SOHO, and now it is a mature designer gathering place. Marc Jacob is flanked by Zac Posen and Ralph Rucci. The small crystal-clear room at 37 Crosby Street belongs to Jean Yu. Zac Posen was born in New York in 1980, and later went to study at St. Martin's College in England. In 2000, he launched his own brand of the same name, and now it is a clothing line that Hollywood's new generation of actresses can't miss. His designs, which focus on delicate and intricate folds, are much admired by Serena in gossip gril, and Leighton Meester is one of his fans.


The secluded fashion malls of London are a favorite place for female animals, and in London, you should experience what it's like to be a gentleman. Standing in the century-old shop, the wood of the escalator glows with delicate light, and the walls are hung with perhaps Victorian oil paintings. The waiters are always low and respectful, and they weigh you down to make a shirt that perfectly fits your figure. All you have to do is gracefully open your wallet and accept this centuries-old service. There is no one who does not know Picadilly Circus. It is next to Oxford Circus, where the most famous shopping places in London are concentrated, Oxford Circus, Regent Street, Bond Street. And today, you are not going to these chains that can be bought all over the world, just around here, there are some stores, like secluded gentlemen, with the simplest lines never retreat fashion. The allure of Cashnere is not only because of the rain and cold wind in London, the soft and delicate texture, and the forever high price are fatal reasons for its pursuit. The Burlngton Arcade is one such place, offering all kinds of cashmere. Don't imagine a discount. That's not happening here. It's a 230-metre long street barely the width of two scarves, divided by the four cashmere retailers Berk, Fisher, Lord and Peal. Woolen sweaters, scarves, gloves, shawls, even socks, all kinds of wool products can be found here. At a high price, with a classical pattern. The window was tall and bright and spotless. The arcade is covered with glass, and there are people walking in and out of the shop, with serious expressions that complement the atmosphere. Brightly dressed deacons patrolled the arcade, maintaining its dignity: no whistling, no running. Jermyn Street (Jermyn Street) This street is famous for men's goods, especially tailored shirts, shoes tailors and quaint barber shops. There used to be a saying that "only people with non-standard bodies need customized clothes", however, when you walk down Jermyn Street and see these century-old stores, you will understand the true meaning of "customized". Turnbull & Asser, Harvie & Hudson, New & Lingwood, Budd of Piccadilly, if you don't know enough, you might easily walk past these stores without paying any attention. They are not LV, not Prada, no imposing luxury decoration, only people who understand, will stop, and then stay. You see Turnbull & Asser's vitrines, with their handmade shirts and suits. Winston Churchill was a regular visitor, and Prince Charles still visits. If Jermyn Street is the paradise of bespoke shirts, Savile Row is the Eden of bespoke formal wear. The famous Gieves & Hawkes are at Savile Row1. The store has branches in many countries, you can go to the branches to take measurements, and the results are all collected and produced in this store in London. The meat market area is also from the beginning of the 1990s, a group of designers began to enter the packaging area of New York. Soon after, the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission declared the site a historic property, causing housing prices in the area to soar. Designer Diane von Furstenburg, known as the "Queen of New York Fashion," set up her new studio here.