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Bicycle maintenance methods

2018-06-11 17:36:00

Friends who like to ride may often encounter bicycle problems, then how do we maintain the bicycle to reduce the occurrence of problems, maintain the bicycle to make you ride more pleasant, the following maintenance methods to share!


The road surface of the bicycle tire is generally high in the middle and low on both sides, and the bicycle must drive on the right. Therefore, the left side of the tire is often more worn than the right side. At the same time, because the center of gravity is back, the rear wheels generally wear faster than the front wheels. Therefore, after a certain period of use of new tires, the front and rear tires should be replaced, and the left and right directions should be replaced. In this way, can its service life.


The repair tips of the inner tube bicycle is a good tool for pedestrians to walk, go to work and travel. However, in the process of cycling, the bicycle inner tube is often pierced by sharp things, which brings inconvenience to travel, and tells you two tips for repairing the inner tube. One is to attach several layers (one layer is larger than the other) of medical tape to the small hole, which can ensure that the inner tube does not leak for a long time. Medical tape is also easy to carry. Another tip, go to the shop to buy some leak repair, before the parade starts, repair the bicycle, fill the bicycle inner tube, once it is tied, the leak repair can heal the small hole, you can rest assured to travel.


The treatment of slow air leakage of tires will be pulled down the valve core, exhaust the air of the inner tube, take half a tablespoon of talc powder, and slowly pour it into the inner tube with a cardboard cone funnel, and the problem of slow air leakage can be solved.


Sewing machine oil is a thin lubricating oil, if used for bicycles, it will dilute the original butter in the car and lose, thereby reducing the lubrication performance and rust prevention performance of the oil. Therefore, to refuel the bicycle axle, apply No. 30 oil or grease.


Bike cleaning tips Your bike has dirt and dust, you can use a clean flannel cloth or worn cotton sweater pants wipe. Then you take a few castor seeds, peel off the shell, wrap it with a fine lint cloth and smash it, use it to wipe the bicycle, you can make the paint bright as new, wipe the bicycle wheel ring, spokes, you can make it clean and shiny, and castor seed oil has anti-rust effect. With a little rain, it won't rust.


If your bicycle chain rusts, first wipe off the rust with kitchen cleaning agent, and then clean the cleaning agent on the chain, and wash it in diesel, so that the bicycle chain can be restored as before.


Bicycle correction tips for newly purchased bicycles, should be a comprehensive correction, the loose parts of the screws, dowel, shaft, handlebars, front fork, etc. Tighten. The spokes on the wheel should be corrected and tightened according to the rims. Before the front, back and middle axles are fixed, the gap between the axles should be maintained at about 0.5 to 1 mm to ensure a brisk ride.


Bicycle maintenance tips New bicycle, to set a pair of plastic cover, to protect the brake handle, increase the friction between the brake handle and the hand, the cyclist, especially in the summer cycling is safer, the installation method is: use hot water to expand the brake set bubble, or sprinkle talc in the set, so easy to set on. If the saddle is equipped with cloth, velvet or artificial leather seat cover, it protects the saddle, is soft and comfortable and saves pants. The pedal can be fitted with rubber pedal cover. Frame, front fork, etc., do not use plastic tape or wax cloth wrapped, otherwise it is easy to lose paint. However, between the bell, handlebars, the cleats of the lock and the fork of the frame, and the cleats of the brake and the front fork legs, cloth strips should be padded to avoid the electroplating and paint being worn off.


When you ride a bike, you can pay attention to the following aspects, and your bike will definitely be used for a long time, which is convenient for your life and travel. When encountering non-concave road surface, it is necessary to ride slowly at a low speed to avoid the screw loosening caused by the dramatic crack vibration of the car and the slip button falling off. You should not ride at high speed or curve, but also pay attention not to brake sharply, especially to prevent ground iron filings, glass and other things from puncturing the inner and outer tires. It is strictly prohibited to overload, and the load of ordinary vehicles cannot exceed 120 kg; Heavy-duty bicycles should not exceed 170 kg, and special attention should be paid to avoid unilateral loading to prevent body deformation. Don't ride a bike with people and violate traffic rules.


Bicycle tire inflation should be appropriate bicycle inflation should pay attention to the right amount. Tire inflation is insufficient, the resistance increases, the driving effort, the outer tire wall is easy to be broken; Overinflated, the wheel loses elasticity, the turbulence is severe when driving, the outer tire is stressed too much, the cord layer in the tire is easy to be expanded and broken, which will shorten the service life. In addition, when the bicycle is not stored for a long time, it should also be the right amount of gas


Tips for uniform tire force Bicycle front wheel because of turning, tire on both sides wear more severe; The rear wheel is heavier because of the pressure, the tire front wear faster, it is best to exchange the front and rear tires once a year, and replace the left and right directions of the front and rear wheels so that the wear degree of the two tires is roughly the same. When you go to the bicycle repair shop, you can ask the master to replace it for you.


Bicycle parts maintenance tips Bicycle electroplating with a dry cloth first dust off, coated with neutral oil (such as sewing machine oil); The paint film of the bicycle body is brushed with a chicken feather. Do not rub with oil, and do not expose to sunlight; In the bicycle, where the car is coated with varnish, it can not be polished with car wax, and the paint will fall off. After the bicycle is wet, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture and prevent rust; Bicycle axle, flywheel, front fork, pedal, etc., should often add butter or lubricating oil, flywheel should add some thin oil. The bike is cleaned with kerosene once a year. Do not put the bicycle near the heating, kitchen, coal stove and other places to avoid carbon monoxide gas corrosion.


Cycling time and space step or sometimes drive the time and space step, the main reason is that the flywheel in the spring failure, wear or break, repair methods, with kerosene to clean the flywheel, so that the spring is not stuck, or correct, replace the spring.


Bicycle wheels are not round because the tightness of each part of the strip is uneven, when adjusting, you can measure the rim with chalk, and then relax the strip in this area, tighten the wider strip, you can correct it.


Bicycle brake failure repair tips Bicycle brake failure is very dangerous, especially when traveling, pay special attention to. Teach you a tip: first loosen the elastic brake screw, pull the brake tight, so that the gap between the brake skin and the rim is 3-5 mm, and then tighten the brake screw, if the left and right brake skin is not symmetrical, you should install the front and rear wheels, or eliminate the axial drift of the rim, or correct the brake fork.

Matters needing attention

Always check whether the screws are loose and travel safely