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Black Soul 3 Devore God BOSS How to open the door

2018-04-02 06:24:56

Dark Souls 3 Devours the God BOSS is one of the most difficult bosses, but before we challenge the BOSS, we have to open a door, and we will find that the door cannot be opened directly from the front. Below, we will see how the door of the dark soul devouring the divine BOSS is opened.


Dark Souls


BOSS room


When we come to the BOSS door, we find that the door cannot be opened, we can move to the left of the door, we will see a platform, the platform is relatively safe.


On the left platform, we can see a side door, we enter the side door to get the "Giant Ember" item, give it to the NPC blacksmith, can get new enchantment attributes.


Then we can move up the little staircase by the little door, where we rarely meet enemies and where it's safer, and then we need to go down.


When we go upstairs to a higher position, we will see the following scene, one road is enemy, the other road is safe and harmless, we can choose the right way.


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After reaching the bottom, we can easily see the fog of the BOSS challenge, if we want to directly challenge the BOSS, we can directly enter the fog, if we open the door, we need to move in the opposite direction.


Moving in the opposite direction, on the left side of the door, we will see the organ that opens the door, and we can push the switch by directly approaching the organ to trigger it.


When we approach the gate organ, it will trigger a curse spider enemy, we can ignore the spider directly open the organ, in the process of pushing the organ, we are invincible, complete the organ trigger, we open the BOSS door.

Matters needing attention

In Dark Souls 3, the devouring BOSS is one of the pay Kings.


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