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Boxing Emperor destiny mobile game how to participate in the ring competition?

2018-05-04 04:48:08

The following is the operation record of how to participate in the ring competition in the Boxing Emperor fate mobile game? To participate in this, you need to have a certain level of at least open gameplay, and you also need to have three fighters.


After logging in to King of Boxing Destiny, in the game hall, if you have seen the gameplay, click on it. If you don't see the gameplay, it means that you are not enough level, did not open a new gameplay.


After entering the gameplay page, we will click to go to the Arena.


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If your combat power is lower than the person to challenge, it will remind you whether to challenge or not.


Ring power is very important. If the difference between the two forces is too big, then it is possible that you hit others with a set of tricks, others did not lose any blood; But if someone with high power hits you with a combo, they might knock you out. However, there is no KO until the last man in the ring, and when one dies, the other comes out immediately, so when you get one killed, you have to prepare the second fighter's move immediately.


You lose when all three are defeated. It will remind you that your fighting power is insufficient, you can go to the following ways to improve your fighting power. So when you first challenge the target, you must first fight and you are similar. Generally at night, there are more people and more people, so it is recommended to play the battle mode at night. So this time I chose the target is not desirable, the combat force is too bad, there is no meaning.