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Brand development must break through the industry development bottleneck

2018-04-27 06:24:29

At present, there are a lot of amusement equipment in our country, the output value has reached 8 billion, but the lack of brand establishment, so as long as from time to time to open up innovation, to build high-quality brands, we can gradually break through the bottleneck of the development of amusement equipment in our country.


This information comes from experience


In view of the current development status of amusement equipment industry enterprises, it is still in its infancy, mainly in the current amusement equipment play places less, single equipment, fewer people can participate, many people can not really enjoy the fun of amusement equipment for the time being, therefore, this for the further development of China's amusement equipment industry enterprises has played a restrictive role.


In fact, amusement equipment industry enterprises through more than 30 years of efforts, has been from a blank to now independent design, production, installation, maintenance, the formation of a wide variety of departments. The manufacturers of amusement equipment also gradually extended from the coastal areas to the vast inland areas, the layout is gradually reasonable, and a group of professional manufacturers stand out.


According to the statistics of China amusement equipment network, there are about 100 kinds of amusement equipment that can be produced by itself, which greatly enrichedpeople's cultural life and makes the amusement equipment industry also have great potential for development.


In summary, in the face of the development prospects of the amusement equipment industry, although there are adverse factors restricting the development of the industry, as long as the enterprise sees its own shortcomings, driven by the continuous improvement of living standards, tourist equipment will inevitably enter the fast track of industry development.