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Buddha City travel guide

2018-05-01 20:48:00

Take you on a tour of Buddha


Buddha City travel guide


Scenic area guide


Buddha Capital, national 4A level tourist attractions. With the big Buddha in the city of Jiufeng, the world's "double heritage" range. It covers an area of more than 1,000 mu of forest land. Fo Du scenic area is now under the jurisdiction of the nine peaks of the four peaks. Nine peaks, the Tang Dynasty "peak each temple", the Yuan war destroyed the four peaks temple. Today's Buddhas are restored to the old appearance by historical sites, retaining the original forest style of the Tang Dynasty, taking potential by the mountains, the heights are scattered, the forests are hidden thousands of Buddhas, and the caves are hundred caves. Big Buddha is located in the nine peaks, the Tang Dynasty "peak each temple" "Elephant Pavilion", after the destruction of the Yuan Ming. The Buddha Capital follows the ancient ruins and aims to restore the style of the Tang Dynasty. It gathers fine stone Buddha statues in the world for the old professors of the Academy of Fine Arts. The Chinese sculpture master Liu Kaiqu is the consultant. Buddha capital, the size of more than 10,000 Buddha statues, including the world's largest sleeping Buddha 170 meters, to cliff stone statues. Taking power by the mountains, thousands of Buddhas hidden in the forests, and hundreds of grottoes in the caves not only show the charm of Buddha culture for thousands of years, but also leave the footprints of modern people inheriting the ancient stone sculpture art. Buddha capital, covered with forests, wild interest, there are primitive natural simplicity. The Buddha Capital, reproducing the nine peaks of the Tang Dynasty, is an extension of today's big Buddha culture. Great beauty, Qianqiu stone carving landscape; The spectacle of the Buddha capital, all kinds of Bodhisattvas welcome guests. It not only shows the charm of Buddha culture for thousands of years, but also leaves the footprints of modern people inheriting the ancient stone sculpture art.


1 Reclining Buddha 170m long giant reclining Buddha, longer than the world's largest reclining Buddha, the head of the statue of the south foot north, lying on the side, the middle of the natural vegetation symbolizing kasaya to cover the Buddha body, showing Sakyamuni ascension state.


The 20 million Buddha cave cave is dug according to the mountain, the momentum is grand, the Buddha in the cave according to the traditional techniques of the ancients, the achievement on the original stone of the whole mountain, the God-shaped and lifelike. It fills the gap of the big Buddha grottoes group. It is the fifth largest grotto group in China.


Scenic spots recommended 3 Big Buddha Bay by the mountain to take the potential, is a major feature of the ancient Buddha. Buddha Bay surrounded by peaks on three sides, the front look up, the triple hall down vertically, like a dragon chair. The Buddha statues on both sides from the Northern Wei Dynasty to the Song Dynasty are records of the Chinese Buddhist culture and history. 173 Steps, at the top of the triple temple can also seek the heart lock, lock, rich lock.


Thousand-hand Guanyin Cave Thousand-hand Guanyin from stone carvings and the essence of Shuanglin Temple thousand-hand Guanyin original, now 9 meters high. In the center of the large grotto hall stand two groups of supporting stone columns, which is the only double-columnar spirit grotto in China. There are also six-armed Guanyin, holding Guanyin, Guanyin, you can ask a guide to learn about the history and legends of these Guanyin.


18 Arhat Cave As the name suggests, there are 18 arhat, of which there are Cano Gabarpa Li Daegu (Jubo Arhat), Vakulofordo (smile lion Arhat), Rong Boga (happy Arhat), Supintuo (Tota Arhat), Injadha (bagbag Arhat) and so on, go and see what you know.


6 thousand Buddha pagoda is 12 meters high, carved by Han, the tower engraved with three six-tooth white elephants, is carved in the shape of an inverted sword handle, the tower has six sides, engraved with 72 symbols of thousands of Buddha sitting Buddha, the moon and the sun on the head, so the name thousand Buddha Pagoda.


There is one of the biggest highlights here is that in addition to the ancient Buddha statues in our country, there are also famous Buddha statues in Southeast Asia and India, Japan and other countries and regions, Indian forest fairies; Buddha, king of snakes in Cambodia; Pakistan Buddha Nirvana statue, etc.


Traffic guideline


The traffic is more convenient, and the scenic spot is also closer to the city. a. Bus route: Passenger station - Fodu


3 Road \9 Road -13 road \12 road -13 road about 1 hour b. Driving route: North Railway Station - Fodu


S305- Chengle Highway


About 1 hour Passenger station - Fodu S305- Road about 25 minutes


Accommodation guide


Le Fang big wine: 0833-2130086 District Yutang Street No. 109 room clean and tidy, there are three rooms, singular travel friends can choose here, so as not to let partners alone, there is a snack street at the door, food friends are blessed, the price is about 120 yuan.


Xingzhou wine 0833-2309333 urban road 411 pay attention to the style of friends can consider this family, the whole gives a kind of antique feeling, the advantage of this wine is near, and the wine has a special car to pick up to the scenic spot, their own to play and worry about finding the road friends can consider, the price is about 118 yuan.


Food guide


Bean curd hemp, spicy, sour, fragrant, hot, everything, the taste really did not have to say there are Emei bean curd, Niu hua bean curd, bean curd. They're different, and they taste different. The district mainly promotes Niuhua school, Niuhua is a place name, less than 20 kilometers from the mountain Buddha. There are also several Niu Hua tofu in the district, it is easy to know on the street. Crispy pork bean curd is the representative of Emei bean curd, and there is also a unique egg fermented bean curd. Bean curd can be roughly divided into two kinds: shredded chicken bean curd and steamed beef bean curd. The most famous of these are shredded chicken bean curd (not spicy) or beef bean curd (spicy)


Pot pot chicken taste is relatively spicy, it looks like a bright drop


People are very hungry, is a cold dish, a lot of street food are sold, heard that the earliest appearance is because the workers at that time work very hard, it is not convenient to cook, so they bring food, take bamboo skewers, put in the pot, put a lot of ingredients in the pot, and then there is malatang, later feel that summer is too hot, put cool to eat, there is a pot of chicken, It's not just chicken. There are some dishes.


Sweet skin duck people called "spiced duck", "oil hot duck", is a very well-known local Han traditional snack. The skin is very crisp and sweet, according to the local recommendation, the best to the number of Ji six niang sweet skin duck, has now opened a few points, Wang Hao Er Zhijiang Road has a


There is one diagonally opposite the gate of the Jiazhou Hotel.


Weather guide


The weather in July-August is about 23℃-31℃, pay attention to heat prevention while playing, but the temperature at night is still low, you can plan to bring a thin coat. Let me share with you the weather throughout the year.


Tips for buying tickets


Ticket price: 80 yuan per adult


Under 1.2m (including 1.2m), older people over 70, active military personnel, free ticket with ID card


Child tickets for 1.2m-1.4m children can be booked on the official website


Official website Online purchase method: +86-833-2301801 Open: Monday-Sunday (08:00-18:00) Address: 362 Shangshi District Road Scenic Spot Service: Service Hotline: +86-833-2301801 Online customer Service: 1149573568