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Bundling software busters - bundling software kill

2018-02-22 14:24:00

When downloading files online, if you click Install, you will inadvertently install other unrelated software, which is the problem of bundled software.


360 Security Guard


Bundled software is basically divided into two kinds, one is illegal, one is legal, and the legal one must be installed after you confirm. Illegal is running the installation directly in the background without your consent. For illegal, it is recommended to install 360 security guard, which can be said to be the most sensitive and conscientious software in security guard. Malicious binding will not escape his eyes.


If you see the prompt in the figure, it is recommended to block the installation, do not doubt that he is bundled!

Matters needing attention

When downloading the software, it is recommended to go to the official download, the link provided, to choose ordinary download, do not choose high-speed download, its so-called high-speed is through the third-party software, forcing the installation of third-party software to download the target file.


Installation should be careful, 360 guard bundled special kill protection is trustworthy.