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Bus passenger vehicle video surveillance scheme

2018-04-14 16:00:18

First, the purpose of 3G wireless vehicle monitoring system application: in the public transport, there are always the following problems plagued by the leadership: 1.1 how to effectively control the passengers in the journey privately, privately charged, or to the coin box to extend the black hand, causing direct economic losses; 1.2 How to effectively regulate the contradictions between passengers and passengers. In the process of bus operation, there will be some contradictions and disputes between passengers, passengers and passengers from time to time, resulting in frequent complaints, especially when some passengers get off the bus, they will take other people's salutes or items, because there is no strong evidence to solve it. Some need to compensate for the loss of guests, the image is greatly affected; 1.3 How to effectively improve the service quality of the crew and make the passengers more satisfied with the service; 1.4 How to effectively urge drivers to operate in strict accordance with regulations, drive civilized, and improve driving safety; 1.5 How to see the exercise of the vehicle going out inside; 1.6 How to evaluate the work of table mold to do better, more convincing to the majority of employees, and fundamentally improve performance; 1.7 Whether the vehicle dispatching can check the vehicles in the field at any time, retrieve the video recordings, and record the driving conditions; 1.8 For these problems, Caimao's 3G wireless network video system can be all solved. Vehicle monitoring remote viewing, remote management, remote video, remote photography, remote control, remote supervision and other problems will be well solved.


Second, 3G wireless car video system function description: the CDMA1X 3G car video surveillance function is realized by the new 3G wireless video system platform server combined with video surveillance products. The whole 3G video system is divided into front-end vehicle monitoring system, wireless network, monitoring video platform server. Front end vehicle monitoring system network video recorder, surveillance camera and so on. Wireless network includes front-end mobile transmission (EDGE/CDMA 1X) and back-end Ethernet network, monitoring platform includes monitoring software and GIS, streaming media, database, application server and a series of service groups, can be built according to the needs of transportation, bus bureaus, municipal bureaus, and other units multi-pole monitoring platform, the level of logical relationship can be flexibly configured according to demand. The system has good expansibility.


The running vehicle is installed with 3G wireless vehicle network camera, 4 external cameras, the vehicle camera through CDMA /TD-SCDMA.CDMA2000.WCDMA network, monitoring can monitor the images in the vehicle in real time, take photos, video, Playback and retrieval of transmitted images. Due to the use of dual-stream technology, local video can be used CIF, D1 resolution, SD card 120M/ hour, network transmission using CIF resolution.


Bus surveillance system 3.1 Car video surveillance front-end 3G wireless network camera can be SD card video, network video, local video, image resolution is CIF (352x288), D1 (704x576) adjustable, can set card video, timing video, server video and other video recording methods. And the image information uploaded by the vehicle through 3G wireless can be stored on the storage server of the monitoring and scheduling management platform through video recording. 3.2 Data backup 3G server data storage, in the event of an accident on the car monitoring equipment is destroyed or bandits destroy the monitoring equipment our server save the video before the equipment is destroyed; SD card video every day out of the car to the station monitoring through WIFI access to video can save manual test video hours, monitoring can view the timely recording process of each car. 3.3 Network transmission characteristics 1, the use of advanced H.264 video compression technology for bitstream transmission, its ultra-low bitstream characteristics can be suitable for narrowband data transmission. 2, Support TCP/UDP network transmission protocol. 3, support 3G wireless data transmission. 4, support 3GPS real-time image browsing. 5, support through wireless WIFI Internet access function and through WIFI to extract SD card video files 6, support remote terminal network real-time monitoring and video file download. 7, support remote network query and playback of remote server video files. 8, support two-way audio and video transmission, can be two-way voice intercom through the network. 4.4 Wide voltage input characteristics DC8V-36V wide voltage input, adapt to the vehicle in the starting, driving, braking, acceleration, flame out of the battery output voltage changes.


1, the platform adopts a multi-server architecture, the use of mainstream database, the platform relies on components to achieve video surveillance and video playback. The design of platform software has the basic network management requirements such as practicability, compatibility, scalability and reliability. 2, the platform has the alarm automatic connection function, and the wireless network is interrupted and then the function, all the equipment under the access platform can be automatically connected to the monitoring system and work normally. 3, the client software has a good operation interface, and has image window, alarm window, video playback window, device management window and other auxiliary interfaces. 4, through the platform to complete equipment, user registration management; Alarm information, control signaling forwarding; Device and user configuration management; Alarm access processing, linkage; 5, remote real-time monitoring, electronic map real-time tracking and monitoring, image playback, vehicle historical data playback; 6, remote network view, remote network management, 3G wireless mode. 7, A variety of recording methods: A, SD card /16G, 6-day loop recording. B, webserver video, headquarters video, surveillance video. Features: 1. PTZ intelligent control, support wireless network, traffic statistics. (Optional) 2. Support remote viewing, remote control, remote recording, image capture, video playback, plug and play. 3. Support motion detection and 3G viewing. 4. Support 10,000 people to view at the same time, the image color is adjustable. No geographical restrictions, anytime, anywhere. 5. With infrared night vision, outdoor waterproof. Platform features: platform unified registration, multi-level management, remote viewing, video storage, photography, alarm. Easy to install: the product can be connected to the network line, without employees to understand or operate the computer Internet. Flexible expansion: access to the Lifang website. Good confidentiality: multi-level view, management. Versatility: Both remote chain business management function and remote security monitoring system function in one. Management convenience: not at home, in, in the field of business, can be remote where the Internet.