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Buy the right car air purifier

2018-04-22 11:12:33

Choice of car air purifier


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Check "Particulate matter CADR value" and "Formaldehyde CADR value" If you are concerned about PM2.5, it is recommended to choose a CADR value of more than 45 cubic meters per hour. It's not the air volume. There is no CADR value, only air volume, if the other party provides a HEPA filter, the inaccurate estimate of particulate matter CADR value is equal to half of the air volume. If you are concerned about the formaldehyde odor of the new car, it is recommended to choose a formaldehyde CADR value of more than 15 cubic meters per hour. If you really care about air health and are concerned about PM2.5 and formaldehyde, then choose a car air purifier labeled with CADR value of particulate matter and CADR value of formaldehyde. The new national standard in 2016 requires the CADR value to be marked. No CADR value, not recommended to buy.


At present, CADR values are marked with Philips, Fast Wind 2.0, Bosch, Yadu, etc., and specific models need to be seen.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to purchase a car air purifier marked with a CADR value


The larger the CADR value, the better.


The more variety of CADR values, the better.


If you can have PM2.5 and formaldehyde values, it is best.