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cad How to quickly draw sliding doors?

2018-04-04 17:36:07

AutoCAD we are free to add a variety of door and window types, of which the moving sliding door is a very commonly used room door type, using the Tianzheng toolbar, we can quickly draw the sliding door.




First of all, we open AutoCAD and draw the basic wall. When we have the wall, we can add the door in the corresponding position.


In the left toolbar, we click the door and window toolbar, click the door and window in the pop-up menu, you can enter the door and window add command, the system will automatically pop up the door and window command window.


In the setting window, we select the room door at the bottom, and then click the door browse diagram in the upper left corner of the window, you can enter the setting page of the door type.


On the left side of the door type setting window, we can select various types of doors, click the sliding door directly, and various styles of sliding doors will appear on the right side. Double-click to determine the sliding door style.


After selecting the style, we can set the placement of the sliding door in the lower left corner of the window, select Free placement, you can place the sliding door according to the mouse position. Move the mouse to the wall, the system will automatically open a hole in the wall to place the sliding door.


Multiple sliding doors can be placed in a wall, and the system door and window command will automatically continue, we can click the mouse for several times to place the sliding door, and press the ESC key after completion, you can exit the command to complete the drawing of the moving door.