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Call of Duty 1 Demolition Pro How to play?

2018-05-14 03:12:17

Meeting love around the corner startled me, which also indicated that the trench was no longer calm, and it was necessary to deal with it with all the spirit. There's a pergola up front, a machine gun point down below. Now the distance is far, I can beat him, but I can only fight him head-on, I am not that stupid.


If there are trenches, just squat over and destroy the enemy in the trenches first. They ran right up to the enemy's gun position and wiped out an artillery squad. The team blew up the cannon, and there's a gate in the way. It's weird.


Get down in time. There's a couple of guys in the bunker, and there's a shiny gold file on a table in the back room that's important. Pick it up.


In the trench, we found a shivering medic, the only medic, and the captain wanted him to help our wounded soldiers. He said that the enemy did not abide by the Geneva agreement and shot at the medic. And then he got cold. Fear of death fast ah!


Dynamite was placed on the artillery to blow half of the trench and rush out of the collapsed area. It was a large open field, and the machine gun roared again in the distance, but fortunately there were stones on the road to act as shelters.


This bureau seems to have become a professional blaster, doing all the demolition work. Both the white brand and the red brand are landmines, and the words mine and so on can be clearly seen.


There's a broken house ahead. You can go around it on the right. Be careful not to go near the minefield. A man at the door, into the broken house, all the way forward, knock down the two soldiers behind the low wall.

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