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Campus feature film dubbing sound skills

2018-02-19 00:00:00

A good feature film must be the picture and sound complement each other, live in harmony, excellent campus feature film is even more so, the current campus feature film dubbing sound skills mainly have the following three parts: campus feature film commentary, feature film sound, feature film dubbing background music. Commentary Commentary is an important part of every campus feature film, and the commentary is directly related to dubbing, because the commentary is an important basis for dubbing. A good commentary can make the dubbing produce a stronger expression effect, which can make the dubbing of the campus feature film icing on the cake. A good campus feature film must also have excellent narration to explain these things fully. And the finished commentary cannot only be presented on the screen for the audience to see for themselves, but also must be supplemented by the human voice to re-create the commentary. Inspire the audience, captivate the audience, and hold the audience's mind aural. The production of campus feature films should explain and explain every aspect of the campus, so the explanation of campus feature films should also be highly generalized, giving more time to explain the key things that need to be expressed, and using general language to cover the non-key content. The narration of the feature film is dubbed, and the narration appears in the third person to make the picture more natural and relaxed. Sometimes in order to tell different things, it is necessary to intersperse different pictures, the abrupt changes of the pictures may produce a sense of incoherence, and the dubbing of the commentary of the campus special film can eliminate this sense of abrupt changes in the picture. The sound use of the commentary can also link the previous to the next stage of the feature film, over-connecting, creating a suitable atmosphere to meet the next stage of the feature film process. The sound of the commentary can also reveal the theme more deeply, and simple pictures cannot give the audience such a feeling. For more abstract things, such as the sublimation of emotions, the hopes and associations of the campus future, the pictures of the feature film are often powerless. Here, the sound of the commentary is not only a sound, but its supplementary appearance seems to throw a block for the campus feature film. For better results. Campus feature film sound manufacturing Campus feature film dubbing, sound is essential. The campus sound effects can not only increase the audience's affinity for the campus feature film, but also increase the sense of reality and scene of the campus feature film. The incisive dubbing of the campus feature film can extend the meaning of the campus feature film in the imaginary space. Some things, although can not appear on the screen, but with the arrangement of sound effects, the audience can develop unlimited imagination. If you hear the sound of the students reading in the morning, the audience can also imagine that the students are earnestly seeking knowledge in the class, the sound effect can also help the picture in the campus feature film to be coherent, said the transformation of the picture, you can first with the appearance of the sound, let the audience know the content of the next paragraph, so as to avoid the abruptness caused by different pictures. Such as the sound of reading in the campus students, the sound of the students' steps after class, the sound of talking laughter, and the sound of the teacher teaching in the classroom can increase the sense of the scene of the campus feature film, so that the audience can also follow the appearance of the sound, as if they have stepped into the sunshine and vitality of the campus. This sense of reality and scene is more important than the sound of the commentary and the picture of the campus. The use of background music in the dubbing of campus feature films refers to music that does not include sound. The use of background music in the dubbing of the feature film can increase the appeal of the campus feature film and make the expression of various feelings more natural. Such as students to learn, the pursuit of sigh and so on. Let the campus feature film dubbing more valuable, more artistic conception, when the audience watching the feature film also feel the profound artistic conception like Tang poetry Song Ci. In addition, the sound also has shortcomings, the background music can help the sound more natural appearance, the background music can be guzheng, can be piano, and even the rhythmic rain dripping sound is a good background material.