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Can the temperature sensor on Buick Inlong water tank be short-circuited

2018-05-10 04:48:27

The temperature sensor on the Buick Inlong water tank cannot be short-circuited. Each temperature sensor of the air conditioner has a certain resistance value, if it is short-connected because of the sensor damage, the resistance value of the temperature sensor is equivalent to zero, which will be considered abnormal in the control program of the air conditioner, so that the air conditioner alarms and stops running. The radiator coolant temperature sensor is near the thermostat, and the damage of the water temperature meter sensor will cause the water temperature meter to always remain at the same height, resulting in the owner's wrong judgment. If the water temperature sensor is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the safety of the vehicle. Insufficient cooling water of the cooling system causes the engine temperature to be too high, and the engine needs to stop and add coolant after cooling. Loose or broken fan belt causes the engine temperature to be too high, and related parts need to be repaired and replaced. The radiator shielding network or the radiator core ventilation channel is blocked by foreign matter, resulting in poor heat dissipation and excessive engine temperature.