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Cao Cao wait how long to start charging

2018-03-26 06:24:06

Cao Cao special car is five minutes free waiting time, more than five minutes after the normal billing. Cao Cao Travel is a strategic investment business of Geely Holding to lay out the "new energy vehicle sharing ecology". With the mission of "living up to the encounter of every journey", it applies the world's leading Internet, vehicle networking, autonomous driving technology and new energy technology to the field of shared travel, and is committed to reshaping the low-carbon, healthy and shared human-vehicle life circle. Build the world's leading technology travel platform. Cao Cao Travel is an Internet + new energy travel service platform strategically invested by Geely Technology, providing users with safe, convenient, low-carbon and high-quality one-stop travel solutions. Public buses, has obtained the network booking taxi operating license, the current service of the city is 、、、、. 、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、 Yiwu 、、、、、、 Kunshan 、、、、、、、、. Cao Cao Hitch establishes a comprehensive link with private car owners and travel users through the platform, and provides users with safer, comfortable, economical and convenient shared travel services through strict owner screening system, full security measures and smooth product experience, while contributing to reducing the burden of urban road traffic. Cao Cao Car Rental is the official online car rental platform launched by Cao Cao Travel, which has covered 30+ cities in 2021, and has a wide variety of models to meet your needs for self-driving travel, business cars, commuter cars, transportation and other multi-scene vehicles. You can choose a car model online, place an order with one click, and have the opportunity to enjoy Sesame deposit free car rental, convenient and fast.