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Car engine maintenance process you have to pay attention to the misunderstanding

2018-05-08 19:12:27

The engine of the car is as important as our heart, its quality will directly affect our normal travel, so its maintenance work can be described as the most important, but many owners of the engine maintenance is often half the effort. Today here for you to introduce a few common engine maintenance errors, let's take a look! 1 Blind removal of the engine thermostat If the engine temperature is high and blind removal of the thermostat, the coolant can only carry out large circulation, can not adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more appropriate temperature, but the engine often works at a low temperature, resulting in engine power decline, wear acceleration, and increased fuel consumption. If the engine thermostat fails to repair or replace, the engine temperature is still high, the other parts of the cooling system should be repaired, and the thermostat cannot be removed. Some people think that the engine temperature is not afraid of high or low when driving. In fact, the engine temperature is also very dangerous. The service life of the engine should be ensured by driving at the normal temperature specified in the car's operating instructions. 3 The tighter the better the pump fan belt The tighter the belt is not the better. Belt too tight will not only make it elongate or break, shorten the service life of the belt, but also due to excessive tension, resulting in deformation and bending of the shaft, the pump shaft and the early damage of the bearing. The tightness of the fan belt of the automobile engine should meet the technical requirements, and the deflection of the normal belt assembly is generally 10-15mm. 4 When the engine is heating up at idle speed, due to the low speed, the oil pump can not quickly press the lubricating oil into the lubricating surface, and the oil pressure is low, so that the moving parts of the engine work under dry friction or semi-dry friction; Due to poor atomization of fuel at low temperature, unburned fuel escapes into the crankcase, washes away the oil film on the cylinder wall, and accelerates the wear of the machine parts. Therefore, a few seconds after the engine starts, the application of fast idle heating, improve the lubrication conditions of the engine.