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Car fire extinguisher purchase and precautions

2018-05-05 08:00:59

Up to now, most of the portable fire extinguishers on the market are used for automobile fire fighting. According to the classification, it is divided into four types: dry powder fire extinguisher, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and water fire extinguisher. The mechanism of dry powder fire extinguisher is chemical inhibition, blocking the chain reaction of extinguishing, high fire extinguishing level, full function, rapid fire extinguishing, with electrical insulation performance and good high temperature performance. Ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishers are to be used in bus fire fighting, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers due to a certain risk, water fire extinguishers should not be high in price. Dry powder fire extinguisher storage time is long, cheap and complex. It is because of this that the portable stored pressure dry powder fire extinguisher which is more effective for oil and electrical fires is recommended.


1, to the reputable fire equipment supplier to buy, and before the purchase to check its business license, product certificate; At the same time, carefully watch the shelf life of the fire extinguisher. In addition to paying attention to the appearance of car fire extinguishers, car owners should also ask for product certificates, quality guarantees and manuals from businesses, and ask for invoices, so that problems can be investigated.


2, the fire extinguisher should be placed in a dry, ventilated, convenient part, while away from the open fire, high temperature, greasy area, and regularly check whether the safety pin is intact, whether the cylinder is deformed and rusty, whether the nozzle is blocked by oil dirt; Always check whether the pointer of the fire extinguisher pressure indicator is in the green area, which indicates that the internal working pressure of the fire extinguisher is normal; Yellow indicates high pressure; Red indicates low pressure. During the inspection, if the fire extinguisher is found to exceed the shelf life, it should also be replaced in time.


3. It is strictly prohibited to install electrical appliances without permission. Many riders like to install some electronic equipment on the car, which can easily cause the wrong connection of the line, or increase the load of the original line, causing the car line to heat and cause a fire. In addition, flammable and explosive items such as lighters and alcohol-containing perfumes placed in the cab will easily cause a fire when the cigarette lighter ignites to smoke.


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