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Car fire extinguisher selection and storage guideline

2018-05-05 09:36:04

Preface: Vehicle fire extinguisher, is one of the essential items for private owners. There are many types of fire extinguishers in the market, and you do not know what type of fire extinguisher to choose. The storage of vehicle fire extinguishers is actually a knowledge, and it is also a difficult place for the majority of owners. Now I will talk about the choice of vehicle inactivator and storage of this topic, I hope to help the majority of owners.


Vehicle fire extinguisher




Car fire extinguisher purchase: safety qualified ☆ regular fire equipment to buy car fire extinguisher. ☆ When purchasing, observe whether the fire extinguisher is in the effective period. ☆ Know how often the fire extinguisher is replaced and how long it is valid. ☆ It is recommended to choose water-based fire extinguishers.


Fire extinguisher safety pin: protected ☆ Fire extinguisher safety pin: can not be touched off and deformed, to protect intact.


Car fire extinguisher: fixed ☆ Car fire extinguisher is best fixed on the car, because the car in the process of driving bumps will easily make the fire extinguisher accident.


Car fire extinguisher storage: ☆ Car fire extinguishers are best stored in the rear of the car trunk. ☆ Should avoid upside down, rain, exposure, strong radiation and contact with corrosive substances ☆ The storage environment temperature of the fire extinguisher should be within the range of -10-45℃. The place where the fire extinguisher is placed should be kept dry and ventilated to prevent the cylinder from moisture corrosion.


Car fire extinguishers are mostly dry powder fire extinguishers, and the owner should check whether the gas leaks in the fire extinguisher and whether the dry powder is caked every other year, so as to aerate the fire extinguisher or change the dry powder. ☆ The expired fire extinguisher may not spray out dry powder, or the spray time is greatly shortened, which directly affects the normal use. ☆ The dial of the vehicle fire extinguisher points to the green area, which means qualified.


Car fire extinguisher daily maintenance ☆ Car fire extinguisher to regular safety inspection: safety pin is intact; Whether the bottle is cracked, soft aging, etc., if similar situations occur, replace the new fire extinguisher in time.

Matters needing attention

Please store the fire extinguisher correctly.


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