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Car maintenance nine secrets to teach you how to maintain your car

2018-03-14 12:48:06

All owners hope that their cars can be opened for a long time, and reduce the cost of maintenance. So how to do this, the first owners need to learn to scientific maintenance of the car. Today, Xiaobian will take this opportunity to talk with you about some situations in the process of car maintenance and how to maintain your car is that your car will not be unnecessary damage because of your self-defeating. Many car owners like to wash their cars in the hot sun, thinking that the water on the car will soon be dried after washing. In fact, in the hot sun to wash the car, the convex lens effect formed by the water droplets will cause the top layer of the car paint to produce local high temperature phenomenon, over time, the car paint will be lost. If it is waxed at this time, it is also easy to cause uneven color of the body. Therefore, car washing and waxing is best carried out under sheltered conditions, if it cannot be guaranteed, it is best to choose in the morning or evening on a cloudy or sunny day. When the weather temperature rises, the dust increases, the body is easy to dirty, the frequency of the car owner's car wash has also begun to rise, and many owners want to wash their cars thoroughly like taking a bath. But it should be noted here that we must keep the appearance of the car air conditioning dry, if the car air conditioning is accidentally wet, it will affect its life. Washing too often also damage the paint careful polishing and beauty normal sunny days, generally not very dirty, you can wash once every 5-8 days, if 1-2 days wash once, then your car paint life is only 50%. Rain and snow wash the car in time to prevent corrosion. Polishing itself is damaged paint, beauty choose a regular place to do, beauty = disfigurement. There are many fasteners connected with bolts and nuts on the car, and it should be ensured that it has enough pre-tightening force, but it can not be screwed too tight. If the screw is too tight, on the one hand, the connector will produce permanent deformation under the action of external force; On the other hand, it will cause permanent deformation of the bolt, and even cause slip or break. When the temperature is too high, some drivers think that improving the tightness of the fan belt can improve the cooling effect of the engine, so they keep increasing the tightness of the fan belt, but they do not know that doing so is harmful. The fan belt should be kept tight properly, because too tight will make the bearing load is too large, the power consumption increases, and it will also bend the pump shaft, lengthen the belt deformation, and shorten the life. Imported tires are not applicable Some people buy tires especially like to emphasize "imported". The new foreign tires are not very suitable for users. There is a big difference between the European road surface and the tire suitable for the European road condition in difficult to have a good performance, just like wearing Italian brand shoes to walk the stone road, the side of the tire package is inevitable. After the joint venture production of some foreign brands of tires, a layer of curtain fabric is added to the side of the tire according to the road conditions, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of the tire side, and the tires produced by the joint venture can completely replace the imported goods in terms of performance. From the appearance, the car wash is just a simple manual labor, it seems that there are no skills, but the water flow of the car wash is very particular. A professional car wash will never come up with a high-pressure water gun spray, generally the first time must be fine water slow flow, from the top down, the dust particles on the car with the water away. If you use a high-pressure water gun at the beginning, it is equivalent to letting dust particles do "friction movement" on the surface of the car paint. Sometimes, in order to save trouble, the owner often washes the car on the roadside, those who carry a bucket to wash the car, if you carefully observe, you will find that their bucket has a lot of sand, no difference with sandpaper. Some of the towels used for car washing are also eliminated in the hotel, such towels look very new and very white, but in fact it is already very rough, the same harm to the car. Circle waxing effect is poor Many people are accustomed to waxing the body in a circle way, which is not the correct method. The correct waxing method is a straight line, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, and then the last one according to the direction of rain flow, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the circular halo on the surface of the car paint. See the staff wash very seriously, washing bubbles all over the sky, so many owners will think that the dirty car as long as the car is sent to the car wash all "OK", washed from the appearance looks very clean. If you want to know what the car wash is used in washing your car, you can pinch with your fingers, take your nose to smell the bubbles, you will find that it is washing powder! Washing powder is an alkaline detergent, the damage to the car paint is great, if the long-term use of washing powder to wash the car, the surface of the car will gradually lose. And when the owner finds that his car is washed out of the problem, it is too late to regret.