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Celebrate the National Day of the little girl stick figure how to draw

2018-05-02 12:48:00

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the National Day is coming soon, I believe that many small partners need some elements to celebrate the National Day, we will share a little girl's stick figure to celebrate the National Day, we have a look.


Paper, pens, pencils, colored pens


First of all, after preparing for the drawing, we first draw the following three lines on the paper, which is the part of the little girl's bangs, as shown in the following picture.


The second step, above the bangs, we draw a semi-circle, outline the top of the little girl's head, and draw the ears on the part of the ears, as shown below.


The third step, here we go on to draw the little girl's face, starting at the ear part, draw a semi-circle shape, so that the little girl's head is finished, as shown below.


Step 4, here we are going to draw the shoulders of the little girl, starting at the bottom of the face, slightly drawing the neck, and then drawing two sloping lines as shown below.


Step 5, here we are going to draw the little girl's hand, somewhat like an oval, but with a wavy bottom, as shown below.


In the sixth step, we need to draw a rectangle, and the lines above the rectangle should pass through the little girl's hand, so that the feeling of the little girl holding a brand can be drawn well, as shown in the picture below.


Step 7, we will draw the dress for the little girl, draw two parallel lines on both shoulders, and then draw a horizontal line, so that the feeling of the slip dress is drawn, as shown below.


First, let's draw the little girl on both sides, starting under the ear, drawing a small circle first, and then outline the shape of the braid, you can refer to the following picture.


The ninth step is to draw the little girl smiling eyes, as well as a smiling mouth, and write the words "Celebrate National Day" in the rectangle, as shown in the following picture.


The last step is to color the stick figure, you can color according to your own preferences, free play can, the final effect is as follows, for your reference only. Isn't that easy? Let's try it.