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Central air conditioning maintenance methods

2018-02-28 17:36:00

Central air conditioning is so we carefully to care for it, it will be safe and efficient operation, in the daily use of the central air conditioning maintenance is very necessary, because we have to master the following maintenance methods. 1. Condenser condenser's heat sink is made of 0.15mm aluminum copper. If the wall is used for a long time, it will be covered with a lot of dust and debris, which will directly affect the heat dissipation effect of the air conditioner heat sink, resulting in reduced refrigeration efficiency, because we need to maintain the condenser frequently. 2. Filter for the cleaning of the filter we should pay special attention to, first of all, we will remove the air filter, rinse under the faucet, want to clean more clean can be appropriate to add some cleaning agent, do not use hot water, may cause heat deformation of the filter. Cause unusable consequences. 3. Circuit check whether there is leakage of electricity in each wire and circuit board, remember to enter water and pay attention to moisture. Keep the circuit temperature and humidity of the entire air conditioning system moderate to avoid leakage. 4. The cooler cleans the dust of the outdoor cooler with a long brush every six months. Remove the movement every year and inject appropriate lubricating oil into the fan motor bearings. 5. The body shell often wipes the outer surface of the air conditioner, especially the panel part, to keep the air conditioner clean. The above is to introduce several methods of central air conditioning maintenance, central air conditioning cleaning maintenance is a system work.