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Changluo Grand Canyon forest rafting

2018-03-14 22:24:43

Changluo Grand Canyon Forest rafting Changluo Grand Canyon Forest rafting is a comprehensive leisure tourism destination integrating rafting, agricultural sightseeing, homestay, camping, fishing, summer camp, grape picking, dragon fruit picking, mulberry picking, self-help picnic, parent-child amusement, and special catering. Changluo Grand Canyon forest drift is located in the tributary forest hinterland, Changluo Township Liutian village, 38 kilometers from the city, 48 kilometers from the city, convenient transportation. Here the streams are quiet, the air, the canyon terrain is very steep, the rocks are all over, is the real natural ecological rafting, stimulating canyon rafting, primitive forest rafting, cool green shade rafting, romantic passion rafting. The length of the drift river is about 3.5 kilometers, the overall drop is 98 meters, the ladder is distributed, and the first step has a waterfall with a drop of 16 meters. The second step has a waterfall with a drop of 30 meters. 38 bends, the whole river are in the forest canyon through, natural, original ecology, thrilling, exciting. The rafting journey takes about one hour and ends at the Guizhuba Reservoir. Changluo Grand Canyon forest rafting, along the way the trees on both sides of the sky, rich vegetation, vines crisscross, like a big umbrella, covering the whole river rafting, walking through the primitive forest, appreciate the charm of the primitive forest, breathing the natural oxygen bar air full of negative ions, this unique primitive forest rafting, not only surging excitement, panic, and do not worry about the sun's ultraviolet rays, Cool and refreshing. Here ten miles of peach blossoms, here peaks, here mist-filled, this Liesen Lin Haosang, here green trees, here gullies crisscrossing, here natural primitive, here rare plants, here winding clear stream, here waterfall colorful, here river stone shape strange, occasionally God turtle, sleeping beauty stone, here cool and pleasant climate, beautiful legend. Take a rubber boat, from the cool mountaintop reservoir, along the slide side of the waterfall, into the forest canyon, through the space-time gate, into the dark spiral tunnel, when thrown, fall into the enlightened waterfall side. Floating all the way, you will feel like Yan light, such as dragon undation, such as tiger pentium, such as eagle glide, floating all the way, Shouting all the way, through the jungle, over the valley, enjoy the beauty of the canyon, or slow beach rapids, or cliff jungle, or blue pool, or boardwalk Bridges, or fragrant mountain flowers, or into the shade of green trees, flowing scenery, moving perspective, The vegetation style of the original forest everywhere gives you a refreshing visual impact, breathing the fresh natural air, green, healthy, primitive and natural forest canyon rafting, so that you say goodbye to the noise of the city, enjoy the dynamic happiness of the quiet forest canyon, experience the excitement and romance of the Grand Canyon forest rafting, and immerse yourself in the thrilling and wild artistic conception. Drifting all the way, so close to nature, close to the United States, almost beautiful to forget myself, this feeling of flowing, will be the Changluo Grand Canyon forest rafting trip, leaving you unforgettable memories and wonderful feelings. Open your arms and breathe deeply to feel the cool and warm nature. Here is a return to the pure land, is a dream ecological home, is a return to nature, is your vacation leisure travel of the best choice.