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Characteristics of collection value

2018-01-01 14:24:00
1. Collection and storage; Collect and save. "Li Ji · Yue Ling" : "[midwinter moon] is also the month, farmers do not collect the accumulation, horses and cattle animals have put lost, take no question." Song Su Shi "and Qian An road to send Hui Jian tea" : "Collection of love for good guests, dare not package diamond right lucky." Ming Wang Jia "Zhenze Changyu · Like Wei" : "cool to cold, all things collection also." Qing Zhang Geng "Guo Dynasty painting record · Yuan Shu biography" : "Shu (Yuan Keli son) learned good ancient, fine appreciation, home rich collection." Lu Xun "Chaohuaxishi · Mr. Fujino" : "The lecture notes he corrected, I once made into three thick books, collected." 2. Also known as "Zang". Gather for burial. "Later Han Dynasty, Liu Xuan Biography" : "Liu Gong night to collect his body." Jin Ganbao "Search spirit" volume 1: "Mengjun's grace, father lost collection." "Liang Shu · Emperor Wudi Ji" : "bury the ilium 胔, benevolence heart. Its lower Qingzhou Sidang collection." 3. Shelter and hide. Ming Feng Menglong's "Annals of the Nations of Eastern Zhou" 72nd: "(Fei) Wuji said: 'One side of the list hanging around, no one, there are able to capture the Wu, give millet 50,000 stone, Jue doctor; The whole family shall be beheaded if they let it go. Edits all roads pass Jin ferry, where the pedestrian, strictly cross-examination. He also sent envoys to tell the princes of the nations that they should not collect soldiers. He has no way to advance and retreat, even if he cannot be captured for a while, his potential is already lonely, can an become its great thing? '" Collecting is the hobby of collecting, storing, sorting, and maintaining objects. Collectors usually collect valuable antiques, but they can also be other small objects. Such as painting and calligraphy, stamp collecting, matchbox stickers and postcards are more mainstream collection items. Chinese collection "Gold in Troubled Times, Prosperous Times Collection [2]" With the rapid development of our economy and the increasing improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the development of investment and financial management. It started with stocks, futures, real estate, and gradually moved to art. How to correctly choose a collection with low risk and fast appreciation is the most concerned issue for every investor and collector. As a collection, it must have various conditions of collectibility. Hetian jade is the most precious among the dazzling Chinese collections, and it is the national jade. It has the following characteristics: rarity of the material Hetian jade is a great treasure given to human nature, called "true jade". Compared with other kinds of non-genuine jade, it is far rarer than other kinds of non-genuine jade used in the jade carving industry. In particular, after thousands of years of mining and mining, it is now difficult to find and precious, and it is the best in Hetian jade. As we all know, natural resources are not renewable. With the expansion of market demand and the improvement of mining efforts, Hetian mutton fat jade will become more and more rare, and more and more precious. With the development of science and technology, people's imitation ability of various works of art is changing with each new day. Whether it is celebrity calligraphy and painting, official kiln porcelain, clay figurines, merchant collection week copper ware, etc., there are a large number of high-level imitation products. So that some senior connoisseurs are difficult to distinguish between true and false, but also collectors lost money, the taste of buying fake is indescribable. The inherent characteristics of Hetian jade are other counterfeit products do not have, as long as the heart to observe, it is easy to distinguish. It is also easy to master the identification skills and knowledge of Hetian jade. The most credible is that Hetian jade can be identified by scientific instruments, and precious jade monitoring stations all over the country can be identified, so it will not be misdiagnosed by fake experts like other artworks and harm collectors. Hetian jade's value preservation and appreciation are caused by many factors, so it has a certain degree of stable appreciation. From the perspective of raw materials, as the difficulty of mining increases, mining costs and costs are also increasing, and raw material prices are rising year by year. Ten years ago, a kilogram of mountain material 80-120 yuan. At present, a kilogram of Grade I mountain material 6000-8000 yuan. Ten years ago, a kilogram of first-grade seed was 1,000 yuan. At present, a kilogram of first-grade seed is 60,000 to 80,000 yuan. That's enough to make your heart beat faster. From the point of view of processing costs, ten years ago, a five-level jade carver's monthly salary was 80 yuan. At present, a fifth grade jade carver earns 3,000 yuan a month. Wages increased more than 30 times. But the production efficiency can not be increased by 30 times, it is still manual production. In terms of output, an artist can create thousands of Chinese paintings in his lifetime. A master jade carver can only carve dozens of fine pieces in his lifetime. From the point of view of other production costs, it is also increasing year by year, so the price of Hetian jade carving is almost doubled. With the devaluation of the currency, the collection of Hetian jade can also play a role in the accumulation of wealth and savings. Every good work of art is poured with the intelligence and sweat of the design and production personnel. The same is true of jade carvings. It has a rich and colorful genre, the meaning of lucky collection, the magic and skillful carver, the noble and elegant temperament, and the broad cultural connotation reflect the genius and intelligence of the jade carving master. Each work has a high ornamental value, intriguing. In particular, some works with good meanings directly represent people's ideological aspirations and emotional support. Watching and playing with an exquisite jade is a kind of spiritual enjoyment. All collections in the world have all the difficult problems of oxidation, mildew, fragmentation, aging, etc., in the long-term preservation of the collection. If you are not careful, the value of the collection will be directly affected, or even not worth anything. Many collectors are deeply confused about the long-term storage of their rich collections. Only jade collectors can rest easy, because jade's chemical stability is excellent. A piece of jade can be passed down from generation to generation without oxidation, mildew or decay. Small pieces of jade can be worn on the person, which can not only remove evil and nourish the body, but also play and nourish the sex. To collect Hetian jade, we must first distinguish between products and works. Products are generally mass-produced, repeated production without artistic added value. The work is filled with the intelligence of the maker. There are artistic appreciation, cultural connotation, especially some masters of fine, rare, divine works, its artistic added value is immeasurable, today's master masterpiece is the treasure of the world tomorrow. Therefore, the collection of Hetian jade boutique, divine goods to achieve appreciation, preservation of the role.