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Children should have three major abilities before entering school

2018-03-27 12:48:12

The child is about to enter school, but is the child really ready?


1, language ability: children will eat and live with other children after entering school, in class expression, and communication between classmates need good language ability, otherwise it is easy to be rejected by other children.


2, self-care ability: after the baby goes to school, each class has at least forty students, the teacher can not take care of every student, which requires the baby to have the basic self-care ability to complete their daily tasks. After the baby goes to school, parents should let the baby dress and eat by himself, arrange his school bag and stationery according to the class schedule, arrange his school uniform and desk, prepare his school supplies, and develop the habit of doing homework on time.


3, the ability to maintain focus: treasure and hobbies often change, need parents and teachers correct guidance, to help the baby remove impetuous, build confidence. Parents can set certain learning goals for their babies at each stage.


Judging whether a child can go to school by his biological age is actually a one-size-fits-all. School is not more than the child's physical, but physical plus mental maturity.