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Children's hospital registration guideline

2018-03-20 12:48:17

A few days ago, I hung up a children's hospital number for my child, which was very troublesome, but I also accumulated some experience. There are several ways to go to the crowded children's hospital registration:


Go to the hospital. Go to the hospital registration has to spell an early word, too many people, too few, must go to the very early queue, especially popular departments. You don't need to worry so much about hanging the number, because as long as there is no passing the number within the specified time.


Official registration website registration. Also as early as possible, the registration website will put the number of the next few months, the more the days behind the more, if not very anxious, you can hang a suitable day as early as possible, if you do not go to you can return.


Children's hospital APP registration. There is no medical card in the APP registration can also be hung, but can not be associated with the medical insurance card, hanging out are the self-pay number. And before seeing a doctor, you must first go to the card hall to get a medical card to use, and the APP is window 123 to get a card number. Every night at 12 o 'clock will put the next day's batch number, it is relatively easy to hang.


Put up a special request number. Especially at night, the special need number, few people do not line up or parking. But more expensive, if you hurry can choose this channel.


Call a doctor plus. If it is very urgent and identify a doctor, go to the doctor to tell the doctor to add a number, the general doctor will.