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Chinese real estate funds are making strong inroads into African markets

2018-04-30 17:36:07

For many Chinese friends who follow international affairs closely, I believe you have recently seen the news of the fire at Nairobi International Airport in Kenya. Just a week later, a Chinese real estate company announced that it would invest all of its real estate funds to rebuild the airport. Of course, since Chinese real estate companies have invested in the Nairobi airport, it is clear that we will have an equity stake in the future operation of the airport. After this news was published, from the perspective of the layman, it seems to be just another news event in the field of international economy, but from the perspective of the insider, the practice of Chinese real estate enterprises using real estate funds to expand the African construction market is obviously of great significance. China's own real estate market has been working successfully for more than 20 years now, and with so many buildings being built, Obviously, China's local construction market has digested too much real estate funds. Therefore, it has become a very important market strategy for Chinese real estate enterprises to actively expand overseas markets or invest China's remaining real estate funds in other countries. From the perspective of international diplomacy, Africa has always been an important strategic partner for China and we have maintained long-term relations with countries like Kenya or Ethiopia. After entering the 21st century, due to the economic development of Africa, there are a lot of construction contracting projects that need to compete for international contractors and funds. Therefore, the practice of Chinese real estate enterprises investing real estate funds in Africa has obviously found another huge field for China's construction industry. From the above point of view, China's help to build the airport in Kenya is only a microcosm of this strategic flood, and it also reminds many excellent real estate enterprises that you can carry your real estate funds to Africa to obtain greater market and economic benefits.