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Chinese wedding the most detailed wedding steps

2018-02-16 06:24:00

Now the Chinese wedding is very popular, the stars, the big men have chosen the Chinese wedding. That Xiaobian today to tell you about this Chinese wedding wedding steps.


First of all, how to talk about the new dress, the groom to put on the number one robe. This number one yuan robe is a change from the red nine official clothes, the hat is a black gauze hat, decorated with palace flowers. The bride shall wear her phoenix crown and veil. Fengguan is decorated with silver or other texture of the model, Xipei is a red shawl, generally speaking, the overall process of the wedding: 1, ancestor worship. The man worshipped his ancestors before going out to marry his bride. It's like giving good news to a sophisticated family. Then the bridal procession sets off,


2. Welcome the bride. In the past, the groom rode on the horse, and then four people carried the sedan chair behind, and some people in the middle were playing the suona. It was very festive and lively. But now with the changing times, our means of transport have changed a lot, are used to make famous cars for wedding cars, and the cars of the wedding team are also based on even numbers. On the way, firecrackers should be set off all the way to celebrate. But our traffic rules don't allow that now, so it's all firecrackers set off at home after the groom receives the bride.


3. Before going out. When the groom's car arrives at the woman's home, there will be children waiting for the groom with a tea tray, and after the groom gets off the car, he should give the child a red envelope to thank him and then enter the woman's home. The groom holds a bouquet of flowers to the bride in the room to be married, at this time, the bride's close friends to stop the groom, not allowed to see the bride, the woman can put forward conditions to the groom to promise, through to enter. The couple then offers incense to their ancestors, the bride bows to her parents to say goodbye, and the mother covers her head, while the groom only bows.


4. Go out. When arriving at the auspicious time, the female must be carried by the Tai Tai elder sister on the bridal sedan chair. The bride is said to have bad luck if she lands on her feet. There is also the bride's sister-in-law is not allowed to send, this is because the word has the homophony of the sweeping word of the Jinx, so people believe that sister-in-law when out will bring bad luck. Nowadays, when the bride goes out, the bridesmaids hold up the red umbrella to protect the bride, taking its meaning of open branches and scattered leaves. Finally, before boarding the float, the bride will bow to her friends and relatives to show her appreciation.


5. Courtesy car. After the bride gets on the car, soon after the car starts, the parents of the bride should scatter a bowl of white rice behind the car, representing the daughter has poured out the water, and will not ask about everything in the future, and wish her everything successful, eat and wear. I believe this is the most moving moment, but also the most reluctant parents.


6. Get started. There are many ways to get started. When they first arrive at the groom's home, the couple is greeted by a child holding an orange. The bride should touch the orange gently and give a red envelope in return. These two oranges are to be left in the evening for the bride to peel herself, which means that they will attract "". Then one of the man's blessed elders should hold a bamboo sieve over the bride's head and help her into the hall. The bride should cross over the coals before entering the door, which means to wash away the bad luck and bad luck in front of the door, and the door is never to step on the threshold, but should cross the past.


7. Worship. "Worship", also known as "worship heaven and earth", is a very important ceremony in the wedding. Interestingly, "worship" does not belong to the etiquette of the ancient "three books and six rites". "Worship" this wedding custom was very popular after the Song Dynasty, after the "worship", the woman officially became a member of the male family. When "worship", the officiant of the wedding will say loudly: "One worship heaven and earth, two worship high hall, husband and wife worship, into the bridal chamber." In fact, worshiping heaven and earth represents worshiping the gods of heaven and earth; And to worship the high hall is the embodiment of filial piety; As for husband and wife worship, it means that husband and wife respect each other. To some extent, conjugal worship was one of the few times in ancient times when women could be placed on the same footing as men.


8. Wedding banquet. In ancient times, the bride was not allowed to show her face, but now there are no such requirements. After the ceremony, the wedding reception begins, and the bride follows the groom and toasts to her friends and family. Nowadays, there are also Western-style weddings, most of which are held in the evening banquet with guests at the same time, during the reception, the bride can shed her bridal dress and change into evening dress to toast the tables one by one.


9. Make trouble in the wedding room. This is the last and most lively time, we now also see a lot of bad things in the news when the wedding, so Xiaobian reminds you that moderation is good, our purpose is to bless the new.