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City fairy lake Botanical garden self-help tour guide

2018-04-01 03:12:18

The city is located in the coastal province of China, is an economically developed frontier open city, but also has a lot of natural park attractions to play, the following introduces the city fairy Lake Botanical Garden self-help tour guide for reference.




The scenic spot is a 4A level scenic spot, located in the district Liantang Xianhu Road No. 160, you can transfer by bus or subway bus direct, enter the scenic spot to the ticket 15¥/ person.


Scenic spots There are three main scenic spots in the scenic spot, which are rare arboreal Garden (Heaven and Earth), Hongfa Temple and Fairy Lake.


Scenic route into the park entrance and there are scenic buses in Hongfa Temple, if you want to walk is not too tired, the entrance to Hongfa Temple about 2 kilometers, around the fairy lake about 3 kilometers, can play more than half a day with some food and water.


The botanical garden enters the scenic spot at the first fork on the right side is the rare tree garden, which has a variety of rare plants, celebrities planting trees, heaven and earth and Tianchi small attractions.


Hongfa Temple is located in the highest point of the scenic area, there are 3 main temples (Daxiong Hall is on the right side of the second temple path past), there is free direct drinking water can be drunk directly, on the temple overlooking the scenic mountain.


Fairy Lake From Hongfa Temple, you can walk around the fairy Lake to enjoy the beautiful plants and lake color.