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Classic science fiction

2018-03-27 00:00:59

Xiaobian read novels for some years, although my study is not how, but love to love online novels is very fascinated, class and class are reading online novels. Like reading novels to communicate with each other.







The story tells that Tang Long joined the army after graduating from high school, entered the infantry training camp with only one student, and finally became a qualified soldier after experiencing the almost cruel training of skull instructors.


Fake male - what a mechanic can do, what a special scout can do, what a military staff officer can do, can combine three professions into one.


Mobile Storm - Tells the story of an ordinary high school student who dreams of being a general, and his life changes forever after he is hit by a meteor. From then on, embarked on an extraordinary road.


Swallowing the stars - "This planet, the whole body is yellow, there is no life, 21,000 kilometers in diameter, Yi, actually contains" star tears gold "veins, it is heaven to help me also, after swallowing this planet."


Teacher legend - Growing up in the garbage star, Ye Zhong accidentally found a broken light armor in a garbage mountain. With the help of this intelligent broken light armor, Ye Zhong escapes from the garbage planet and enters the human society.


Watch the Dawn - He is the Savior of the Dawn, collecting the light of hope from the infinite world. He is the first agent of the Lord God, parsing the endless laws of the source. There is no abusive content, mainly life and relaxation.


The Star Butcher - An imperial general is hanged for crimes against humanity by the Federal Empire for carrying out an unprecedented massacre in a terrorist base, burying two million people alive, and the general is fully prepared before being hanged.


Colonization - Planet X35, endtime 275. A young man took his first steps amid the rubble. He doesn't know it yet, but his life is destined to be accompanied by darkness, bringing terror and destruction to others. Because he's got the biggest secret in the world.


The Three-Body story tells the story of astronomer Ye Wenjie who reveals Earth's cosmic coordinates to the Trisolarans during the Cultural Revolution. In order to get a stable world that can survive, the Trisolarans are in trouble and send a huge fleet to the Earth. At this time, human beings discovered that the cosmic civilization was in a "dark forest" state.

Matters needing attention

These novels are some of the best science fiction the little editor has ever read


Book age three years or more to read these novels