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College students employment, teachers and doctors which is good

2018-04-15 08:00:51

Teachers and doctors are currently the most recruited positions, and both have careers, so which of these two positions is better?


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From the perspective of work pressure, doctors face many patients every day, especially doctors with surgical tasks, overtime is a common thing, and rest time is seriously occupied. And teachers? Days can not move the two days off, and summer vacation winter vacation, these are doctors do not have. So in terms of job stress, teachers win.


From the income point of view, although the work of teachers is easy, the income growth is relatively slow, and doctors. There are all kinds of performance pay, and the older doctors get, the more popular they are, generally speaking, doctors earn more than teachers.


From the threshold of work, the threshold of doctors and teachers is very high. But relatively speaking, the threshold of doctors is still high, at least a master's degree in county-level hospitals, and the demand for teachers is larger, primary and secondary school teachers, or mainly undergraduate.


From the point of view of the risk of work, doctors are greater than teachers, because human life depends on the matter, in case of negligence is a big problem. The most a teacher can do is teach the wrong lesson and then correct it. We can find out the advantages and disadvantages of the two from the above comparison and comprehensive analysis.

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