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Common faults of rice cooker

2018-05-02 04:48:51

The rice cooker is one of the essential kitchen utensils in every family, but this east must be a variety of different strike phenomena. At present, there are many rice cookers on the market, but the basic structure of the rice cooker is similar, mainly composed of electric plates, inner tanks, shells, temperature controllers, switches and other components. Here are some common troubleshooting methods for rice cookers:


Multimeter, screwdriver


Electric hot pot


Rice cooker with raw rice or paste rice: there is debris in the contact between the inner liner and the inner pan, clean it up, so that the liner and the electric heating plate can be evenly in contact. The electric heating plate is seriously deformed, moderately adjusted, if not, it can only be replaced with a new one. If the electric heating plate is faulty, check whether there is a short circuit on the electric heating plate, if there is a replacement. If the temperature magnetic controller fails or has no magnetism, replace the magnetic steel of the same size. Temperature controller and inner tank contact failure, check whether there is poor contact, if it is excluded.


Indicator light does not work: check whether the external power socket has power, if not replaced. Test the power cord of the rice cooker to see if there is a break, short circuit, if there is a replacement. Check whether the wiring at the bottom of the rice cooker is aging, poor contact, such as the whole line or replacement. Check whether the indicator gun is damaged, if it is replaced. Check whether the temperature control equipment in the rice cooker has poor contact, such as cleaning or replacing.


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Tripping or fuse burning: internal short circuit of electric heating tray, replace. Switch leakage, replace. Due to the contact between the internal wire of the rice cooker and the conductive body such as the housing, it can be carefully tested and cleaned and insulated.

Matters needing attention

Be careful of CLP when paying attention to maintenance.