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Common sense about earthquakes,

2018-05-06 19:12:44

1. What is earthquake prediction? What are the three elements of earthquake prediction? Earthquake prediction is to predict the time, place, magnitude, intensity and damage loss of destructive earthquake. The three elements of earthquake prediction only refer to the time, place and magnitude of the earthquake. 2, what is the medium - and long-term earthquake, short - and imminent earthquake forecast? What is earthquake annual trend forecast? The prediction of an earthquake that is likely to occur within a few years, decades, or even a hundred years is called long-range earthquake prediction. The prediction of an earthquake that is likely to occur within a few months to a few years is called medium-range earthquake prediction. Medium and long term earthquake forecast are called medium and long term forecast. The prediction of an earthquake that is likely to occur within a few days to tens of days or even months is called short-term forecasting. The prediction of an earthquake that is likely to occur within a few days is called imminent prediction. The annual earthquake trend forecast is a one-year scale or slightly longer time trend forecast made by experts organized by China each year on the locations where major earthquakes are likely to occur in the next year. 3. Which are the four countries in the world that carry out more earthquake prediction research? China, Japan, the United States, the former Soviet Union. 4, China's earthquake prediction level? Like other countries in the world, the current earthquake prediction in China is still at a low level of exploration stage, and compared with Japan, the United States and other countries, our country in the advanced nature of observation technology, in the basic theory of earthquake prediction research, there are still some gaps. However, our country has advantages in the accumulation of earthquake case data and field prediction experience. The frequent occurrence of more than medium strong earthquakes in our country provides more practical opportunities for earthquake workers to experiment and forecast. In the mid-1970s, destructive earthquakes such as 7.3-magnitude earthquake were successfully predicted in China. Since the 1990s, a series of successful short-term forecasts have been achieved in our country, such as the 7.3 earthquake in 1995, the 6.3 and 6.4 earthquakes in the strong earthquake cluster in 1997, four earthquakes above 5 magnitude, such as the 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Ninglang County in November 1998, and the 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Xiuyan Zao on December 29, 1999. This is unique in the world.