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Common types of chocolate on the market

2018-04-01 20:48:37

Chocolate has a unique taste, deeply loved by young people, especially in the festival as a gift to the opposite sex. What are the differences between the common types of chocolate on the market now? Let's have a look.

Food ingredient

Chocolate powder

First, the effect of chocolate

1, the raw material of chocolate is cocoa beans, that is, the cocoa beans will be smashed and ground, add a variety of accessories made, can be added according to different people taste preferences. Chocolate is a high-calorie food, excessive consumption will gain weight, many MM diet. But there is an exception to one. This will be explained below.


2, you can buy a variety of brands of finished chocolate, you can also grind your own machine at home to make drinks. Cold winter to a cup, warm into the heart.

Two, several common chocolate

1. Dark chocolate. The milk fat content of dark chocolate is less than 12%, which has a fat-burning effect; In addition, it is rich in flavonoids, which can speed up blood flow and have a good cosmetic effect on the skin. Dark chocolate has a slightly bitter taste, which some people dislike. Because it contains high calories, easy to cause constipation, not easy to eat too much.


2. White chocolate. Its white color is due to the absence of cocoa powder. White chocolate contains high sugar, taste on the sweet side, even can be said to be sweet. We often use it in cakes to write good wishes.


3. Milk chocolate. The content of milk was intentionally added. The best white chocolate originated in Switzerland, and the milky flavor is blended with the taste of chocolate itself, which is leisurely around the tip of the tongue.


4. Chocolate truffles. The ingredients of truffles are not technically cocoa powder, but cocoa butter substitutes, which are inferior in quality and taste to cocoa powder, and are made from vegetable oil, which is added to other substances and then fused back together. As far as the nutritional value of real chocolate, but now it is more popular, a variety of brands border out.


5. Plain chocolate. That is, deliberately added without adding other ingredients, retaining the main ingredients are cocoa powder and sugar raw materials, as well as some other indispensable ingredients.

Third, make other food

Chocolate cake, hot chocolate drink, etc.

Matters needing attention

Too much food can easily cause constipation.


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