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Congee for treating constipation in pregnant women to protect intestinal health

2018-04-11 03:12:33

Constipation during pregnancy is the most common trouble for mothers, destiny can not be discharged, long-term accumulation in the intestine, will allow toxins to continue to grow, hinder the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, and seriously affect the health of the mother and the growth and development of the baby. Pregnant women constipation how to protect intestinal health? Guangyao Lijian intestinal health experts recommend drug congee treatment of pregnant women constipation. In order to prevent the occurrence of constipation, pregnant women should participate in moderate work and pay attention to diet. Usually the diet should contain sufficient water, to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits containing more cellulose. After getting up in the morning, first drink a cup of cold water, usually to develop good stool habits. If constipation has occurred, must not use laxatives, otherwise it will cause abortion, premature delivery. Now Guangyao Lijian intestinal health experts introduce several porridge treatment methods: △ walnut porridge: take 4 Hu kernel, rice 100 grams. Mash the walnut nuts and cook them together into congee. It is suitable for patients with constipation during pregnancy who have weak body and dry intestine. △ Sesame porridge: first take an appropriate amount of black sesame, wash and dry, stir-fry and grind, take 30 grams each time, cook porridge with 100 grams of rice, suitable for weak, dizzy tinnitus pregnant women constipation patients eat. Crispy honey porridge: 30 grams of ghee, 50 grams of honey, 100 grams of rice. Boil rice with water first, then add ghee and honey, cook into thick porridge. Suitable for patients with constipation such as Yin deficiency and strain. △ Cypress kernel porridge: Wash 30 grams of cypress kernel to mash mash, add 100 grams of rice to cook porridge, and add the right amount of honey when taking. It is suitable for patients suffering from palpitations and insomnia during pregnancy. FIG porridge: 30 grams of FIG and 100 grams of rice. Boil rice in water, then add figs to make porridge. Add honey and sugar to taste. Women with hemorrhoids and patients with constipation can eat FIG porridge. Constipation during pregnancy can be supplemented with prebiotic Lijian Sanqing granules. Lijian Sanqing Powder is produced by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, a big brand, more reliable. Lijian natural extract food essence prebiotics, can effectively hinder the synthesis of intestinal toxic and harmful substances, promote intestinal peristalsis, do not stimulate or diarrhea, help natural defecation. At the same time, Lijian also has the ability to promote the absorption of folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, as well as the synthesis of a variety of vitamins and collagen, so that the intestine can fully and efficiently absorb various nutrients, which is also suitable for mothers and babies.