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Construction capital chain problems how to do

2018-04-13 09:36:37

If there is a problem in the capital chain of the construction industry, it can only apply for measures such as allowing the delay of delivery of some projects and accelerating tax rebates and tax relief. Due to the double blow of the flood and epidemic, more than 50 sales sites have been closed out of more than 300 projects being sold. Since July 20, sales have fallen off a cliff, with sales and payments reduced by nearly $3 billion compared with the original plan. The construction industry is more detailed about the risks and crises that may be brought about, including the risk of employee unemployment and bank dishonesty. In the letter for help, Jianye also said: "If the construction industry is dragged down by the flood situation, can not pass the current hurdle, it may become the next enterprise thunder and fall, its negative repercussions will be sexual and extremely serious." The relationship between the capital chain and the enterprise: The capital chain is the basic circulating capital chain needed to maintain the normal production and operation of the enterprise. If an enterprise wants to operate normally and maintain its operation, it must maintain a virtuous cycle of cash - assets - cash (value added). It can be said that the capital chain is the blood of an enterprise. As the carrier of economic activities, enterprises aim to maximize profits. However, when enterprises develop to a certain scale, they will fall into a strange circle: efficiency decline, capital turnover deceleration, seriously affecting the normal operation of enterprises. In the early stage of development of each enterprise, there will be such and such problems in the capital chain, but compared with other problems existing in the enterprise, there is little relationship in the enterprise, and the manager does not pay attention to this aspect of the problem; When the enterprise develops to a certain extent, the problem will be exposed, some capital chain break leads to enterprise failure, the surface is a direct reflection of the problem, its core is the lack of financial risk management and cash flow control ability.