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Convert mp4 to qsv format

2018-04-14 17:36:38

To convert qsv format to mp4 format, you need to download qsv format and beaver format converter to complete together, to use qsv format converter to extract flv format, and then flv into mp4 format, mainly because qsv currently only Qiyi extractor can convert, other format converters do not support conversion


Extract qsv format: 1) Run Qiyi converter. You can directly see the above add video, click on it, find the qsv format file on the folder where the qsv video file is stored, and then add it to the converter. 2) After adding, you can see that the video file is stored in the file bar. Click the Start conversion button at the top, then the qsv converter will start to extract the video file and convert the format. 3) After the conversion is completed, you can find the flv format file extracted after conversion according to the output folder path below. Alternatively, you can customize the path to the output folder. Wait for completion.


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