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Correct replacement and installation of TIMKEN bearing skills

2018-04-25 22:24:06

Correct replacement and installation of TIMKEN bearing skills; The specific judgment method of whether bearings should be repaired, that is, the specific judgment method of TIMKEN bearings that have been fully utilized and near damage is as follows:


Bearing working condition monitoring instrument


TIMKEN Bearings    


Use of bearing operating condition monitoring instruments such as ferrography or SPM or I-ID? Type 1 bearing working condition monitoring instrument to judge the working condition of the bearing and determine when the bearing should be repaired, which is the most convenient and reliable method. For example, when using HD? Type 1 instrument, when the pointer is close to the danger area from the warning area, and the pointer does not return after taking measures such as improving lubrication, it can be determined that the problem is the bearing itself, and the bearing can be reported for repair while it is not yet in the danger area. How far from the danger zone to start repair can be adjusted by experience. The use of such an instrument can make full use of the working potential of the bearing, report the bearing to repair in time, and avoid failure, which is safe and economical.


In the absence of the above instruments, the operator can hold a round rod or wrench and other tools against the machine housing parts closest to the TIMKEN bearing, the ear on the tool to monitor the bearing running sound from the tool, of course, the use of medical stethoscope modification can also be. The normal TIMKEN bearing running sound should be a uniform, smooth and not harsh sound, while the abnormal bearing running sound has a variety of intermittent, impact or harsh sounds. First of all, we must get used to the normal bearing running sound, and then we can grasp and judge the abnormal bearing running sound, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, we can further analyze what kind of abnormal sound corresponds to what kind of bearing abnormal phenomenon. There are many types of abnormal bearing sounds, which are difficult to describe, mainly by accumulation of experience.


The resultant force is applied as far as possible through the axis of the bearing, which requires that the point of application is uniform and symmetrical and smooth, and the force is applied through the sphere or parallel to the axis.


The size of the force should be smooth and uniform, should not have impact, which requires the use of oil pressure or with a tool that can apply smooth tension or pressure, it is necessary to use the hammer, but also through the copper sleeve and other soft and not falling metal to buffer, knocking force as light and slow as possible. It is best to use a copper rod or copper hammer for hammering.


Avoid applying force through the rolling body, which requires that the inner ring (shaft ring) be applied through the inner ring, and the outer ring be applied through the outer ring.


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