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Create picture password with win8

2018-05-12 14:24:27

WIN8 more attractive password verification method picture password, now I will demonstrate how to create a picture password in WIN8.1


Press the shortcut key [Win+i], open [Settings] and then click [Change Computer Settings].


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This step must first set the user a password before you can set the picture password. I have the user password set up in advance. Click [Add]


When creating a picture password, you need to verify the local user password. Enter your password.


Click [Select] to select the image path where you want to set [image password].


Select the image for which you set the image password. Then click Open.


Make sure you want to set this image as [Image password]


If you have a touch-screen computer you can set up three gestures on the picture. The mouse can also be set three: use the mouse to point three points in the picture, draw a circle and so on are okay?


Successful setting


Verify and reboot the computer. Then refer to the following picture to verify whether the picture password is created successfully.

Matters needing attention

The picture password of Windows 8 system is mainly composed of two parts: picture and gesture, allowing users to repeat the touch gesture track set by themselves in the picture background of their choice to complete the system login, which is very suitable for touch screen users.


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