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creo creates drawings with the same name

2018-04-26 03:12:58

creo6.0 supports the creation of drawings with the same name as the part file, so you can quickly create drawings with the same name without borrowing plug-ins.




A part drawing, enter the required name (this example uses the default file name).


After the part drawing design is completed, when the engineering drawing of this part drawing needs to be created, an engineering drawing, by default, has a file name consisting of drw+ 3-digit ordinals (such as drw001). creo6.0 has one more option - "Use drawing model file name" in the engineering drawing, check this option, then the file name becomes custom, and there is a gray text "" prompt display.


This information is taken from experience without authorization

Matters needing attention

"Use drawing model file name" only need to hook after the next creation of engineering drawing is also valid, do not need to hook multiple times.