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Cross-border e-commerce + live streaming: opportunities and risks coexist

2018-03-16 20:48:12

This article shares cross-border e-commerce + online live streaming: the reasons for the coexistence of opportunities and risks and his conditions, and how to avoid risks.


While online live streaming is booming, the development of cross-border e-commerce is still in full swing. Some people are forward-looking, online live on cross-border e-commerce, looking forward to the combination of the two. So, cross-border e-commerce + online live broadcast, is it really the most favorable model at present? According to Xiaobian, there should be opportunities and risks. The "cross-border e-commerce + online live broadcast" model has good publicity effect. At present, the model of "cross-border e-commerce + online broadcasting" will enhance the visibility of cross-border enterprises and improve the customer experience to a certain extent. Because the way of live broadcasting is still very fresh so far, and has a wide audience, it will bring a certain impetus to cross-border e-commerce. At present, many cross-border e-commerce "cross-border e-commerce + online live broadcast" is also through this way, so that consumers can easily accept their own products, the effect is much better than advertising. In the long run, the profitability of "cross-border e-commerce + online live streaming" is limited. In the long run, this model has its limits. First of all, there is a time limit for the audience to accept, long-term use of the same model will cause aesthetic fatigue, and then may have aversion to the product; In addition, the cross-border industry needs to continue to innovate and seek differences, to be different, in order to better survive, this model also needs to continue to add new blood; In addition, the live broadcast model requires a large amount of capital investment, which is also a considerable problem for general cross-border e-commerce enterprises, especially if small and medium-sized enterprises transform, the capital chain may not be able to support the operation of such a model. Cross-border e-commerce should balance risks through multiple channels. Cross-border e-commerce should see the prosperity of live broadcasting behind, can not completely put eggs in the "cross-border e-commerce + online live" this basket, need to multidimensional to ensure the feasibility of "cross-border e-commerce + online live"; You also need to start walking on multiple legs to balance the risks. The focus of cross-border enterprises should also be placed on product quality, cross-border enterprises need to ensure the advantages of supply on the basis of live broadcasting; You can also add some new sections to the live content and links to enrich the form of live broadcast; In addition, we can also reduce the investment of funds through other channels to reduce the problem of polarization. In addition to taking the road of direct mail, cross-border enterprises can also do general trade, which is less affected by policy fluctuations and suitable for long-term implementation. All in all, cross-border e-commerce + online live broadcast, opportunities and risks coexist, I hope that all partners can carefully analyze, seize opportunities, avoid risks.