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Crystal honey true or false judgment

2018-04-21 04:48:37

Honey crystallization is a common problem in the process of eating honey. With the change of time and temperature, honey will often change from liquid to crystalline state, and the color will change from dark to light. This change in honey often causes some people to misunderstand that it is because honey is mixed with white sugar. In fact, this is a natural change in honey, not the result of mixing sugar. Honey is a supersaturated solution of glucose and fructose containing a variety of nutrients. Because glucose has the characteristic of easy crystallization. Therefore, the separated honey is placed at a lower temperature for a period of time, and the glucose will gradually crystallize. The rate of crystallization is related to the grape crystallization core, temperature, moisture and nectar source. The glucose nuclei in honey are very small and are present in the nectar and in the old nests where the honey was stored. Under certain conditions, the glucose in honey grows and crystallizes around these tiny nuclei. The more nuclei a honey contains, the faster it crystallizes. The speed of honey crystallization is also affected by temperature, and it is easiest to crystallize at 13-14 ℃. If the temperature is lower than this, the honey crystallization is delayed due to the increase of the viscosity of honey. If the temperature is higher than this, because the solubility of the sugar is increased, the degree of supersaturation of the solution is reduced, and the crystallization is slowed down. Crystallization does not mean that it is immediately crystallized in the refrigerator, it is a long-term physical process. The crystallization of honey is also related to the type and water content of honey. Such as purple Yunying honey, locust honey, date honey, soil honey is not easy to crystallize, and rape honey, cotton honey, sunflower is easy to crystallize, fresh output is crystal. All crystallized honey, generally low water content, should be preserved for a long time is not easy to deteriorate. Immature honey with a lot of water content, due to the decrease of the susaturated degree of the solution, the crystallization speed will be slow or not all crystallized, so that the crystalline glucose sinks to the bottom, and other thin honey floats on the top, the nutritional composition of this semi-crystalline honey has not changed, but the water content of uncrystallized honey increases correspondingly, so this honey should not be preserved for a long time, and should be eaten in time. But there's nothing wrong with the quality. So it is not that honey must crystallize or not crystallize! Honey crystallization is a physical phenomenon of honey, its chemical composition, nutritional value has not changed, but will not affect the quality of honey, crystal is glucose, not honey mixed with sugar, crystallization does not affect the quality of honey. However, there is indeed honey mixed with white sugar on the market will also crystallize, the difference is that the white sugar crystal grain is hard, hand twist is not easy to crush, and the honey crystal grain is easy to crush by hand twist. Article: Source Honeybee industry official website