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Daily cleaning and maintenance of crane hydraulic system

2018-04-30 12:48:09

The hydraulic system provides power for the working device of the engineering crane, and the correct maintenance of the hydraulic system is very important to improve the working reliability of the crane. Generally speaking, the hydraulic system is generally washed before the formal input, the purpose of washing is to remove the pollutants remaining in the system, metal chips, fiber compounds, iron cores, etc., in the first two hours of work, even if there is no complete damage to the system, it will cause a series of failures. Therefore, the following steps should be followed to clean the system oil circuit: 1) Clean the tank with an easy-to-dry cleaning solvent, and then remove the solvent residue with filtered air. 2) Clean all the roads of the system, and in some cases need to impregnate the roads and joints. 3) Install oil filter in the road to protect the oil supply circuit and pressure path of the valve. 4) Install a flushing plate on the collector to replace the precision valve, such as the electro-hydraulic servo valve. 5) Check whether the size of all roads is appropriate and whether the connection is correct. If the electro-hydraulic servo valve is used in the system, the author may wish to say a few more words, the washing plate of the servo valve should make the oil flow from the oil supply circuit to the collector, and directly return to the tank, so that the oil can be repeatedly circulated to flush the system, so that the oil filter filters out solid particles, the washing process, not every 1 to 2 hours to check the oil filter, in order to prevent the oil filter from being blocked by pollutants, At this time, do not open the bypass, and change the oil filter immediately if it is found that the oil filter begins to block. The flushing cycle is determined by the structure of the system and the degree of system pollution. If the sample of the filter medium has no or few foreign pollutants, a new oil filter is installed, the washing plate is removed, and the valve is installed. Planned maintenance: Establish a system regular maintenance system, the best maintenance system for the hydraulic system is recommended as follows: 1) up to 500 hours or three months to check and replace the oil filter. 2) Regularly flush the imported oil filter of the oil pump. 3) Check that the hydraulic oil is acidified or polluted by other pollutants, and the smell of the hydraulic oil can roughly identify whether it is deteriorating. 4) Repair leaks in the system. 5) Ensure that no foreign particles enter the tank through the vent cover, plug seat of the oil filter, seal gasket of the return oil circuit, and other openings of the tank.