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Daily knowledge of parent-child clothing selection?

2018-03-25 03:12:34

The purchase of parent-child clothing? Parent-child clothing is a popular casual clothing in recent years, which mainly includes mother and child clothing, mother and daughter clothing, father and son clothing, family clothing and so on. Wearing the same clothes as children shopping, travel, vacation, is not feeling like they are as happy, in addition, in the eyes of others, this warm, young family is really envy it. What are the well-known brands of parent-child clothing? The term "parent-child clothing" is highly favored by the public in China's upper-class families. Derived from China's one-child policy, children are cherished by their parents and regarded as emotional factors of treasure-like care. Children participate in adult social interaction, travel and parent-child activities frequently, which promotes the large demand of the parent-child clothing market and becomes a popular project concerned by the public in the market. Parent-child home improvement sales? Parent-child clothing sales are now mainly through the network sales, physical sales of parent-child clothing brands are SMY Jian to, Love Bay, Dudu Kerer, upper-class family, T100, Karabebe, and so on. But most of the parent-child clothing is still large-scale production, only a small number of customization, manual, DIY production, such as the introduction of foreign advanced technology, so that customers can online DIY their own clothing dream has become a reality, through the station's powerful DIY system, customers can choose styles, free color matching, self-selected patterns and add text. So that the family has a unique parent-child clothing has become a reality.